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Challenge Mania Live Chicago - Highlights

2019.11.25 16:57 funny_like_how Challenge Mania Live Chicago - Highlights

Challenge Mania Live kicked off by bringing out Brad, Derrick, Jamie, and finally the man of the hour, Mark Long. Derrick ran through the crowd carrying a Chicago flag as a cape. Pretty epic.
The roast began and I don’t think the crowd was really ready for an actual roast. Jokes got offensive fast, which were hilarious, but the crowd definitely seemed caught off guard and there were a lot of awkward ‘Oohhh’s’ from the audience.
Scott went and tore Mark a new one but as all roasts do, ended up on praising the man of the hour and sharing his highlights.
Video’s were also played of Mark’s highlights and from other cast members congratulating him on his success. Kenny was one of the videos.
Derrick also roasted Mark but when it came time for Jamie and Brad to roast him, both pretty much said they had nothing bad to say about the guy and they moved on.
Derrick’s roast included a question about Mark’s physique and if his chest was real. To prove it, they brought a fan on stage to be given a lap dance from Mark. She was a mega-fan it seemed so seemed to make her night! She said his chest was real and fantastic (messed up the Seinfeld quote that a chest was ‘real and SPECTACULAR.’) Scott brought that up.
Then after the 'roast' they spoke in a panel format about current day challenge seasons and how they've evolved over the years. The biggest takeaway is that the Finals have gotten significantly longer and harder compared to Mark & Jamie's earlier days, but, the challenge dailies and voting system have caused a number of competitors to not really have to compete at all. For example, one of the Finals Mark & Jamie had took them under an hour to complete and that was that. They were able to call their parents and let them know on the spot too which they joked that today that would have been an NDA breach. They said that the elimination rounds have just become a numbers game and back in their day, they had a points system from the challenge daily to determine who would have to go in, rather than a bunch of voting drama and “front-stabbing.”
There was a big rant/debate about how all challengers who make it to a final must have a requirement to have won in an elimination round. My favorite line was from Brad who said, "look at Cara Maria, what has she done this season?" But he also said she has had one of the biggest transformations on the Challenge from being not very athletic (couldn't run laps) to being one of the most athletic competitors (female) on the show. Scott was the most passionate about the topic about having to compete to get to a final because that is the memory everyone has about your season and how you had to fight. They called out ending clips for Vendettas in that no one will remember who won that since it wasn’t really shown and Cara didn’t really have a season-defining moment to go along with it.
They also said Jordan is becoming an all time great and that he has really carried this season so far with his antics and competitive spirit.
They also called out season defining moments like Jordan VS Josh, Derrick VS Joss, and the Bananas backpack. Fans remember those episodes.
They also discussed Derrick not being invited back recently to seasons despite getting 2nd on a recent season and having the most memorable elimination (VS Joss). Derrick should be invited back for a full season. (and I agree with that!!)
They made fun of the Jordan / Turbo argument about copying Turbo’s walk. I forget if it was Scott or Derrick who said if they had to be in a 3-person team on a Challenge that they’d select both Jordan & Turbo as partners. Pretty funny. They also said in a future season they expect the first male elimination round to be Jordan & Turbo if both are on.
They talked about top challengers (male of all time) and ranked out CT, Landon, Alton, and Jordan. (those were the 4 given to rank, not shading any other male members, they were just asked to rank them by a fan during Q&A).
They talked about going to a WWE wrestling match and running into the Miz. Scott is apparently a huge wrestling fan and was having the time of his life.
Mark told 2 stories about Eric Nies. The first being that he moved to the woods and is very spiritual / in tune with nature now to the point that from time to time that he’ll eat his son’s poop for the probiotics (not even kidding here). He also told a story about Eric that at a club, Pamela Anderson’s friend came up to them and asked them to come over to meet her. Eric said no, if she wants to meet me, she can come over here. She did and they dated for 9 months after that.
They gave Mark Long his Hall of Fame Ring and gave all the cast members a wrestling buddy that was designed like the specific people.
Brad said if he were to come back for a full season he would NOT play into alliances or the numbers and would take out any top dog or threat he could and control the game. Brad also talked about CT and how their elimination round together earlier on caused Brad to go to the gym and do leg day / squats more. He also mentioned he won on a technicality because CT broke the latch when he wasn’t supposed to, but, he did body up CT in the roller skating challenge daily and won a BMW motorcycle. Brad also said he planned to do a motorcycle jump over a car dealership later on for a MTV tour with Mark Long but for insurance reasons they wouldn’t let him. He also told the story about doing the Spartan race and throwing up on mile 2 and some guy offering him beef jerky. He said he was hungover from hanging out with Darrell from the night before (guess they are friends afterall after their fist fight on Duel 2!)
The did Q&A with fans and some questions I remember –
--Rank Alton, Landon, CT, and Jordan (don’t remember the 5 panel member’s responses but they said CT in his prime could have been an A-list actor if he pursued that career)
--Who was an underperformer and who was an overperformer that hasn’t come back (they said Rachel Robinson was someone who was a badass and a challenge champion who should have gotten more invites back)
--Someone basically asked if the challenge has gotten softer (they said the Finals have gotten harder and longer taking 2-3 days at a time but that the eliminations and voting process have taken some spark out of the game and that sparked the debate about a potential requirement to win an elimination to get to make it to a final)
-Someone asked a question about Tori and someone yelled, ‘which Tori?’ which got laughs and ‘Ohhh’s’ from the crowd because of Brad’s ex wife
-Someone asked a question about eliminations and Brad responded with something like, you can be physically prepared all you like but what happens if you get thrown into a circus game and your physique doesn’t matter?
-Someone asked if Mark Long would ever come back and he said he cannot just take off 3 months nowadays to do that but he would come back as an elimination 'mercenary' similar to how people like Derrick K have and given people like Joss a run for their money. But, likely not for a full season, just can take off 1 week
-Someone asked Mark - fuck, marry, kill and gave 3 names (Robin and 2 others, couldn't really hear at this point and don't recall his responses, but he did say he's hooked up with Robin, Trishelle, and a RW cast member from Philly that he couldn't even remember her name)
Show ended with Mark Long calling up a couple of studio executives (facetime) and joking that no one came to the show, then turning his phone around to see all the fans in the crowd screaming. Then Mark saying, you thought the fans wouldn’t want to see the OG crew? Well look at that!
That is all I can remember…
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2017.03.27 08:44 EdMountains Past Challengers or RW/RR Cast Members You Have Met or Had Real Conversations With...

I reached out to Timmy about 2 years ago and he was so kind and gracious for the compliments and love I showed him. He said he is doing really well and he will never do a challenge again. Never say never but most likely never.
I reached out to a handful of old schoolers and he was one of the few that replied and was so kind. Him, Adam Larson (who then added me on FB), Nathan from Boston and Chris from Road Rules South Pacific. All very kind and humble. Nathan is a born again Christian and works in the ministry now. Chris has always been a devoted Christian and still is to this day with his wife and children. Adam is a daddy and happily married and so so nice. SO NICE. Timmy is doing wonderful and amazing.
Also have had conversations with Theo Von, Steven Hill, Trishelle (who I find so fucking funny and fun), Jamie (RW New Orleans) and Tina.
Tina is actually really cool and chill. Trishelle is Trishelle... make what you want from that lol. I remember when Danny (New Orleans) said that Trishelle hates him and cursed him out cause he slept with one of her boyfriends, I inboxed her on Twitter and we spoke and she wouldnt say who but she did say she only dated very few guys from the show, and it WASNT Steven or Miz... I said "so Adam?" and she just replied "LOL if you think thats who it must be him" lol... Steven Hill was pretty cool and a devoted father but full of himself beyond belief and cant hold onto a woman... Theo Von is pretty cool but he has this weird chip on his shoulder when it comes to the show and hates being asked questions regarding the shows he was on... seems to hate reality TV. Jamie is such a kind person and a dude.
Met CJ (Cancun) here in my hometown of Brooklyn about a year ago. We spoke for like 30 minutes. He is so cool and CRAZY handsome. He just came from Crossfit training with his beautiful female friend and was in skin tight latex pants and a tank top... Like its insane. His blue eyes are so beautiful and he has the biggest butt. Like its perfect lmao. He was very honest and cool, said when he auditioned for RW he didnt think he would get in cause he is too "normal" for reality TV lol. He has lived a good, healthy and fun privileged life, so why would they want him instead of some crazy lunatic with mood swings? Lol. He was shocked when he got cast and he loved it but doesnt think he would do another. He still takes pride in his comp in BOTS2012 against Zach. Says he doesnt know why Chet seems to hate him but he holds no hard feelings toward him. etc. He doesnt watch the show any longer or RW etc. so he doesnt know who is on it.
Saw Zach and Ashley K walking in NYC while they were here to film BOTS2012 reunion and I said hi to them and she said hi back but he made a face and kept walking. Never liked him since.
I have had a few tweets back and forth with many others, but not full convos. When Bananas was living in NYC he and me would tweet here and there and he would always reply to me and even asked for my PS3 name so we can play Live together. He never replies to me now, but I hardly tweet him lmao.
Spoke to Jillian from RR a few times and she was pretty cool but a bit full of herself and rude at times. I called her a bitch one day and she told me off and blocked me on FB lol.
My friend has had full blown convos with Veronica and when Bananas did an interview online a few years ago where he called her fat etc. he told her and she told him off on Twitter and called him out but he just acted like he didnt know what she was talking about and ignored her lmao.
My bud Robert who is a fitness person would chat with Mark Long all the time on Social Media about fitness etc.
I am not sure if there is more... if more comes back I will post it. But PS this wasnt all within a short amount of time... it was over years lol.
You spoke to any???
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