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2020.11.28 20:57 CLT40 Looking for Partner

Hello all!
I am interested in creating a Television Network in Roblox. Basically, Myself and whoever partners with me will run a production team and host shows with a live studio audience on a regular basis virtually. Think of Jimmy Kimmel or Wendy Williams on Roblox! Please DM me for more details!
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2020.10.25 20:29 OddMho Alternative careers for characters (not just Rory)

I know this topic has been discussed to death. Gilmore Girls is a show that focuses so heavily on education and work though so its always a fun discussion to have! I’m rewatching the show and I’m spending a lot of time wondering what other areas some of the characters would have thrived in.
Lorelai- Late night talk show host.
Like Jimmy Kimmel or Fallon. A lot of people mention that she’d have made a great journalist and I agree. I just think she’d be more oriented towards entertainment journalism. She’s really good at making more reserved people open up while interjecting with lots of humour, which is what most hosts need to do. Her attention seeking personality could suit this job as she’d still be able to give monologues and be the centre of attention a lot of the time (she’d obviously need to reign it in though.)
I think she’d love interviewing all the cool musicians and actors. She’d have a blast playing all the silly games they play on Jimmy Fallon’s show. I could imaging her living in a cute quirky neighbourhood in New York, and have a funny segment where she interviews the locals, like some of kimmels segments where he interviews random people, but more personal (Imagining we could transfer Stars Hollow-esque people to New York.)
The only real issue is Rory. Lorelai would likely have to start in stand up or as a low level reporter before getting her own show. Both of which probably don’t pay well, and would require lots of work to keep up. This would only make sense if she had Rory once she was settled, and a partner or nanny to help out. I’m also not sure if she’d enjoy the fast life that would come with living in a major city like she’d have to for this job, but she could find a cozy area and adjust I’m sure.
Paris - politician/ involved in politics.
This felt like the most obvious career for her. I was always surprised that she never really seemed to consider it, especially as she seemed so invested in student politics.
The main problem with this is that she may lack the charisma to become president or even be a senator. But I could imagine her doing a lot of practical behind the scenes work, like Cyrus from Scandal.
Rory- Her poor choice in career has been absolutely discussed to hell and back. But for such an ambitious character who struggled so much in her original choice in career it’s not surprising at all.
I can imagine her working in either academia as a college professor, as a fiction writer, or some kind of book critic/ essayist. Or maybe all at once ? I’m not sure if there’s any real person who’s done all this at the same time but I’m sure that there is.
I agree that she was arrogant to be offended by the teaching offer at Chilton, but I can understand how someone with such big dreams wouldn’t love the idea of teaching at her old school. I feel like being a professor at a prestigious university could satisfy her itch to have an ‘important’ job. (Maybe she’d have to be a high school teacher first though.) I feel like she could also get jobs at foreign universities so she could travel for work like she always wanted. She’d love exploring the red brick universities in the UK. (I know nothing about academia so idk how possible it would be for her to hop from college to college, or if she’d need to pick one and stick with it.)
She’s also such a highly critical perfectionist that I think she’d make a wonderful book critic. She spends a lot of her free time on the show picking apart books as well as TV shows and movies that I’m not sure why she never even considered that as a career. It would combine her love of books and writing. She could even write columns for a newspaper / magazine and still be a journalist, just a different kind. I do think she’d write whole books and critical essays though, whether about a specific topics or about just about the modern world of literature in general.
Other possibilities for her would be to be a travel writer. She could write pieces for publications like Conde Nast Traveller, or whole books about her time in various locations. It easily combine her love of writing with her love of travelling.
Anyway, those are just my thoughts. Say what you think other characters could have done or if they all already chose the perfect careers lol.
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2020.10.08 17:49 merricat_blackwood Adam and Jimmy's Ivan Reitman movie - what happened?

I've been listening to Gio's Classic Loveline podcast and I'm up to around spring of 2001. Several mentions of Adam and Jimmy's Ivan Reitman produced movie they had in the works - meetings, writing, etc. Does anyone know what happened to it? I know these things tend to fall through. Not much online about it but I found this Variety update from Fall of 2000:
The duo has made a deal with Montecito partners Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock to write and star in a comedy to be distributed by DreamWorks, a deal worth near seven-figures for each guy if the film gets made.
The pic, which will be shepherded by Montecito’s Michael Chinich, will feature Kimmel and Carolla as guys who’ve wound up as teachers at the same high school where they underachieved as students. When one becomes the focus of a humiliating tabloid scandal, the duo has to dig itself out of the mess.
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2020.09.10 14:38 PaulChittenden From Plumbers Apprentice to $100 Million - 26 Business Lessons from an Expert Marketer (Conor McGregor)

Conor McGregor went from plumbers apprentice to making $100 Million. This is not all that surprising given he is a sports superstar.
What is surprising is that he did this in MMA, a sport that notoriously doesn't pay this kind of money.
In fact, McGregor's net worth is at least 3X that of his TOP peers in the sport. And if you look at the Top 15 highest-paid fighters in the UFC, three are only there because they fought McGregor.
Conor McGregor is surely a controversial character, but there are surely some business lessons to learn from his rise to fame. After studying his career and countless hours of video, here are 26 lessons I've learned from the man himself.

Lesson 1 - Find a Need in the Market that Needs Fulfilling

When Conor moved to a new suburb, he lost his group of friends and had to start over. As the new guy, he got in his share of fights. Without a group of friends to back him up, he needed to learn to fight so he could protect himself. With boxing training, any potential attackers might find themselves getting more than they’ve bargained for and decide to pick on an easier target.
Crumlin Boxing Club fulfilled that need for Conor, and initiated his journey to superstardom.
In business, you need to find a need with your particular audience. Fulfill that need and buyers will come to you.
Let’s take boxing gyms as an example.
In a rough neighborhood, you’ll find “real” boxing gyms. The boxers here come to learn how to truly fight and even compete.
In “upper-class” neighborhoods, you’ll find more cardio based boxing gyms. The goal at these gyms are more for exercise than actual fighting. You won’t see too many sparring sessions at these gyms.
Both models are successful. Understand your market.

Lesson 2 - Find Your Passion. Try new things

McGregor and Tom Egan, while opposites, met in high school both enjoyed MMA. They watched UFC broadcasts on weekends together. It was Egan who sparked Conor’s interest in MMA.
Conor started dabbling in both MMA and boxing, and eventually, left boxing for his true love of MMA. With this focus, Conor went on to dominate the MMA scene.
In business, even the best entrepreneurs can get burnt out. If you look at Elon Musk, Richard Branson, or Steve Jobs, they are all extremely passionate about what they do.
They can and do put in the hours to become the best in their niches. When they speak, you hear the passion and feel drawn to their cause.
It’s hard to be tremendously successful if you hate what you do.

Lesson 3 - Find a Mentor to Increase the Likelihood and Decrease the Time to Success

Although they were around the same age, Tom Egan made it to the UFC first. Conor saw his pal in the UFC, and knew that he had a chance too. The impossible became possible and no longer just a dream.
In business, you need to find a mentor who is ahead of you. Mentors can help you avoid big mistakes.
More importantly, mentors show you what is possible and can create a complete level change in your game.

Lesson 4 - Surround Yourself with People That Want You to Succeed & Will Support You. Stay Loyal to Them.

Dee Devlin has been by Conor’s side since the beginning. She supported him when he was a nobody.
She believed in him.
Dee experienced all of the ups and downs on the path to fame. They grew together.
When you become rich and famous, people try to take advantage of you. It becomes harder to find true friends and romantic partners. Conor avoided this and married the girl who helped him get to where he is now.
Let’s face it, some successful entrepreneurs did not have this support system. They were doubted, laughed at even. This doubt fueled their desire to succeed.
Even so, these entrepreneurs eventually built teams which were so inspired by the entrepreneur’s vision, they eventually do build these supportive relationships.
If you do have this support system, remember who was there supporting you from the beginning. True friendships are an important foundation for happiness as you become more successful.

Lesson 5 - Intense Focus on Your Craft Decide on What You Want and Put 100% Focus Into It

Not only did Dee Devlin give Conor emotional and moral support, she financially supported him as well. She waited tables so that Conor could focus 100% on his training. She helped him buy healthier foods to fuel his body.
Conor was naturally talented. Adding in 100% focus to his training allowed him to accelerate his skills much quicker.
Most people are juggling too many things. Spending hours playing Call of Duty, late nights drinking, dreaming instead of doing, are taking time away from honing your craft.
The best of the best are practicing. They are making sales calls. In the studio.
With 100% focus and persistence, you will eventually make it.

Lesson 6 - The Law of Attraction Visualizing Yourself to Greatness

Conor attributes the use of visualization and the Law of Attraction to manifest his way to becoming a champion.
This all sounds kind of crazy, but the same technique has been cited by Jon Jones and Ronda Rousey, plus dozens of athletes and mega celebrities including, Kobe Bryant, Cristiano Ronaldo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lindsey Vonn, Tony Robbins, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Will Smith, Lady Gaga, and Kanye West,.
What is the Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction is a belief that a person’s thoughts and focus bring positive or negative experiences into the person’s life.
Conor’s sister Erin, a bodybuilder and fitness model, recommended he read The Secret, a book on the Law of Attraction. He opted for the DVD version.
"Even when I first watched it, I was like, this is bulls--t," McGregor told Bleacher Report in 2015.
But after watching it, something clicked. Conor and Dee started using it to visualize little things, like getting the front parking spots. After seeing it work, he went on to visualize himself as a champion. In fact, his family credits the moment he watched The Secret, as the birth of Conor McGregor, the superstar.
Stop thinking small. Dream big!

Lesson 7 - Fight IQ Get a Deep Understanding of Your Competition

In his first UFC post fight interview, he clearly said that he thought Brimmage was emotional and would overthrow his shots. Conor fully understands there is the game before the game.
McGregor’s fight IQ is off the charts.
All fighters watch films of previous fights. Try to find subtle tells. They begin each fight carefully, trying to figure out distance and timing.
Watching Conor, it almost looks intuitive. It seems that he knows his opponents better than they know themselves.
This is most evident after the Aldo fight. Video is released of McGregor practicing the exact sequence that dispatched the 10-year winning streak of the champion.
After the fight, Conor said he saw a subtle tell before the bell rang. Aldo’s right hand was twitching. He knew Aldo was going to unload a big right hand that would set up his left hand knockout punch. Seriously, watch the video below. Mystic Mac believes in the power of visualization.
Know your competition. You can outsmart them. Be faster. Have better customer service. Be good where they suck.

Lesson 8 - Be an entertainer. Stand for Something. Be Polarizing. People Will Love You or Hate You & That’s Not Bad.

Dana White knew Conor McGregor was going to be a star the very first time they met. Why?
Dana said it was his personality. His laugh.
What else is underneath this?
Conor McGregor had a clear focus to become UFC Champion and become rich and famous. He had an outlandish personality. He was witty. He would entertain the masses.
I’ve never met Conor McGregor in person, but from most reports from fans and casuals alike, McGregor is a completely different person outside of the ring.
A nice and pleasant guy.
Is the UFC Conor McGregor just a persona?
Who else had success in the UFC with an outlandish and polarizing personality?
The WWE has perfected this character. They call them the heel. Conor McGregor may or may not be the heel, but he definitely is polarizing, and he is very much like a WWE character.
Love him or hate him, every MMA and boxing fan knows Conor McGregor.
Like the greatest before him, McGregor knows that almost any attention is good attention.
Step into the MMA forums or a Facebook discussion, and you will see the Conor McGregor haters out in full force.
But guess what, his haters still buy his PPV fights - to see him lose!
If you want to be a public figure, amplify your message. Take who you are, and multiply that by 3X or 10X.
Sure, you want to be authentic. Don’t be someone you’re not. But take it up a notch.
Be exciting. Be an entertainer.

Lesson 9 - Find Your 1000 True Fans Cater to Your Base

In his first UFC fight, Conor is seen with an Irish flag draped over his shoulders as he walks to the ring. Before he was a worldwide superstar, Conor worked to become the ambassador of Irish MMA.
In fact, as his stardom grew, it seemed half of Ireland would travel to his fights.
The UFC, having dominated the American MMA market, was ready to move into Europe, and Conor McGregor would carry the entirety of Ireland.
Kevin Kelly, editor at Wired magazine, wrote an essay called “1,000 True Fans.” The essay, a must read, states that all it takes to earn a living as creator is 1,000 true fans who will buy your work.
For McGregor, his fanbase started with his countrymen. As his stardom grew, so did his base of fans.
In business, you have to find your core supporters. The people who will buy your product. The people who will share your content. The people that love your product or service so much they have to tell their friends about it.
Find your Ireland and grow from there.

Lesson 10 - Fighting is a Mind Game Discover Your Opponent’s Weaknesses

Conor McGregor is a master of getting inside his opponent’s head. Often, his opponents become emotional and abandon their game plan or overextend their shots.f
Many fighters talk trash. Many fighters try to intimidate their opponents. They may even come close to actually fighting during staredowns. But - they don’t completely destroy 8 weeks of game planning the way Conor does.
Before the fight with Dustin Poirier, McGregor said:
Just as he says, he defeats Poirier by KO in the first round. Mystic Mac is born.
Dustin Poirier is an amazing fighter. As a fellow Louisiana boy, he’s one of my favorites.
I don’t believe that Dustin was beat in the ring. He was beaten before the fight.
McGregor baited him. Made him angry. Dustin Poirer didn’t follow his game plan.
Conor’s remarks that this is just a game really sums it all up. After the Dustin Poirier fight, we see McGregor take his head games up a notch. The best example is the fight with Aldo.
Aldo went 10 years without a defeat. Fighters were afraid of him.
After defeating Dennis Siver, McGregor jumps the Octagon fence and goes straight for Aldo, showing he has no fear of the champion.
The pre-fight insults from McGregor are being hurled at unprecedented speed - expletives, racist comments, attacking the entire Brazilian nation. But when McGregor steals Aldo's belt, there is one moment when you see the look of defeat on the Brazilian's face.
McGregor raises his hands as if he already knows he’s the champion. Aldo, unable to do anything in the moment, mentally breaks. Maybe it was just a seed of doubt, but McGregor was in his head.
As a small brand, sometimes going after the big guys can be tough. Study your competitor. Find out what they do well and where they are lacking.
No one is perfect. Focus on your competitor's weaknesses. Fill those gaps. Be nimble. Slowly take market share by doing what they cannot.

Lesson 11 - Differentiation - Discover What Sets You Apart from the Crowd

Conor had big dreams. He was already visualizing himself as a massive star. A rich, popular, double champ at that.
How would the double champ act? What would he look like? How would he speak?
Rumors were going around that McGregor was getting easy fights. Maybe it was true. The UFC was investing in his brand to grow the European market. They didn’t want their golden boy to lose yet.
I cannot confirm this through any research, but I’m sure Conor was aware of the UFC’s plans and his role in them.
Instead of denying the matchmaking, McGregor doubles down and talks about his relationship with Lorenzo (one of the owner’s of the UFC). In fact, they even have a tradition of toasting a shot of whiskey after McGregor’s wins.
McGregor has gone from plumber’s apprentice to UFC star. His Lorenzo comments are positioning him as the employee who is winning and dining with the CEO. Isn’t this the dream of all employees?
Go back to the beginning of Conor’s Instagram. It quickly goes from typical fighter to businessman and luxury everything - clothes, cars, private jets.
He dons his trademark suits.
Conor is no longer just a fighter. He’s the guy from the rough neighborhood that made it.
He’s transcended fighter status. He’s different.
In business, marketing and positioning are the key to market domination.
Your brand, your image, your packaging, your customer service. Are they aligned with your target market?

Lesson 12 - Understand the Machine that Drives Your Industry

McGregor worked hard to build his personal brand. He built his profile, entertaining the masses and winning in spectacular fashion.
Winning fights gets better fights. But have you noticed that some fighters keep winning but aren’t given a main event? Maybe they are passed over for a title shot?
McGregor understood the game. He dove into the machine head on, realizing that putting up big numbers gets you bigger opportunities.
More than anything, the UFC organization is a promotion and hype machine. The UFC’s job is to sell fights, build storylines, and develop fighters.
Conor understands this. He has fully leveraged the UFC’s marketing powers to 10X his brand. He layers his own marketing on top of the UFC’s efforts.
McGregor took chances. He talked smack. He manufactured beef / rivalry. He won his fights in spectacular fashion, and he built his social media empire to engage his fans.
The UFC brass see this. They know his popularity is growing, so they put even more dollars behind him to promote him. He coaches on the Ultimate Fighter Season 22 against Urijah Faber (another very popular fighter). He gets more popular. He pulls bigger numbers. It’s a never ending cycle for now.
With fame and celebrity comes opportunities. Big names pull big money. Bigger purses. Bigger sponsorship deals. And other opportunities outside the ring.
What is the machine behind your industry? Determine how the big boys in your industry are winning.
Is it their sales team? Is it paid ads? Is it media coverage?
Deconstruct the winners and find your way in.

Lesson 13 - When Opportunity Presents Itself, Take Your Shot

When Aldo was injured, Mendes stepped in on 3 week’s notice to fight for the interim title.
Both McGregor and Mendes saw the opportunity, McGregor, an interim belt and Mendes the belt plus a McGregor payday,
While this happens all the time, it is a risk. McGregor was preparing for a different fighter. Mendes didn’t have a full training camp.
In business, opportunities can present themselves at any time. It is up to you to see them and capitalize on them.
“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later.” - Richard Branson

Lesson 14 - Precision Beats Power, Timing Beats Speed

A fighter studies their opponent to understand their movement, any tells, and potential holes in their game. Conor does this exceptionally well.
In my first few sparring sessions, my biggest surprise was how fast the more advanced fighter's were. Not their hand speed. It was how fast their mind worked. They saw my punches coming almost before I threw them. They were able to move out of the way and counter with ease. They saw something I didn't see.
A fighter with a high fight IQ has:
So far, Conor's only hole is his ground game. Standing up, he has the upper hand. After the Aldo fight, he said this:
This quote is a great way to think about business.
Precision beats power. Oftentimes, you are competing with the big boys, the entrenched competitors, or the huge multinational corporation. They have power.
A smaller business can compete with precision. You can serve the customer better. You can offer a more personalized service. You can serve in a profitable capacity, that the big boys are ignoring because it is too small for them. Be precise.
Timing beats speed. Being first to market can help you get first crack at market share, maybe even give you time to build a moat. Yet, timing beats speed. Sometimes it is better to let the first mover establish a market before moving in. You’ll save all the cost of developing the market, and you can learn from their mistakes. Time the market.

Lesson 15 - See the Opportunity & Ask for What You Want

At this point, Conor McGregor basically gets whatever fight he wants. However, Lesson 15 flips the script. This isn’t about McGregor. It is about Nate Diaz.
After Nate Diaz defeated Michael Johnson at UFC Fox 17, he stepped up to the mic and called out Conor McGregor in an expletive filled rant.
This takes us back to another infamous McGregor press conference with reference to “Red Panty Night.”
Conor McGregor brings in huge paydays, and he says a fight with him is cause for celebration. Fighters will make more fighting him than any other fighter on the roster.
Diaz understood this. He saw the opportunity. And he asked for it.
Diaz’s first fight with Conor McGregor earned him 4X what he made for his previous second highest grossing fight.
The second fight went on to earn him more in one night than he made his entire UFC career.
Then, his rise in popularity has earned him a noticeable bump in his post McGregor fights.
What can we learn from this? Too many people can spot the opportunity, but don’t have the balls to go for it.
Ask for the meeting.
Ask for the sale.
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. - Wayne Gretzky

Lesson 16 - Rivalries are Opportunities

Nate Diaz was no match for Conor McGregor’s verbal sparring as seen in several pre-fight interviews. But Nate Diaz has his own Stockton “Gangsta” style of dealing with rivalries that fans love.
After Conor shows up 30 minutes late, Diaz walks out. Diaz’s team throws a water bottle. Things get out of hand.
Rivalries can be great marketing opportunities. This clash no doubt sold more PPV’s.
Take a look at Wendy’s taking a shot at McDonald’s on Twitter.
Look at the number of Retweets. Holy crap.
Have some fun. Maybe a rivalry is just the PR stunt you need.

Lesson 17 - Do Not Succumb to Failure. Learn from Your Mistakes. Pivot.

Mcgregor lost to Diaz in their first matchup by submission. Conor analyzed his mistakes in training and particularly his diet.
He put these learnings to use in their second matchup.
Conor came back and won their second fight by decision, in a grueling 5 round matchup.
In business, we experience failures just like in life. Markets change, regulations change, and unprecedented events such as Covid can derail our plans.
You need to be okay with failure. But don’t let a failure go to waste.
Analyze it. See what when wrong. Find out how you could have changed things. Make a plan not to make that mistake again.
Maybe you need to pivot. Maybe you just need to make some tweaks. Either way, a failure can make your business stronger, if you implement the changes necessary to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Lesson 18 - Make History Change the Game

In the lead up to the fight with Alvarez, a promo is released, and we hear Conor Mcgregor say:
There has not been a UFC champion in two weight classes at the same time. McGregor was gunning to go down as the first in the UFC record books.
At the same time, he would make history as headlining the first MMA fight in Madison Square Gardens. It was truly a historic moment in the world of MMA.
Riches, fame. It means nothing in the end.
But, history?
And just like the story of Roger Bannister and the four-minute mile, Conor opened up the door for other champ champs - Daniel Cormier, Amanda Nunes, and Henry Cejudo.
Too many entrepreneurs are doing “me-too” business. Chasing successful businesses in hopes of making some cash.
The true game changers are going big. Trying to change history.
Truly think about what you can do to change the industry, to innovate, to do the impossible.

Lesson 19 - Leverage Other People’s Audiences

Back in 2015, Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber were announced as coaches on the Ultimate Fighter reality show contest.
The same year, video surfaced of a sparring session between Game of Throne’s “The Mountain”
Each of these appearances allowed Conor to utilize other people’s audiences (OPA) to gain additional fans outside of his current fan base.
The UFC’s Ultimate Fighter series brought in the series’ fans plus fans of Urijah that may not have been fans of Conor and gave them a chance to get to know him over multiple exposures (episodes).
The playful sparring session with The Mountain allowed Conor to gain exposure to the Game of Throne’s audience who followed Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. He’s appeared on the cover of GQ and appeared on the cover of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.,
McGregor has also had appearances on Conan O’brien’s Late Night and has sung pub songs with Jimmy Fallon.
Speaking of Conan, did you know 23 celebrities own shares in the UFC? Here they are:
Now this is a genius move by the UFC. By allowing celebrities to own a piece of the UFC, the UFC knows that they will promote the business to their following, bringing in additional fans that would not normally be watching.
McGregor’s biggest example of leveraging other people’s audiences is his crossover fight with Mayweather. Mayweather is boxing’s greatest fighter ever. Not only does Mayweather have a huge audience, this fight would introduce Conor McGregor to the entire boxing audience.
No matter your industry, you need to know where your customers are. Who has a similar pool of leads in their audience?
Partner with another complimentary company that shares your audience.
Get a story written about you and your company in your industry’s magazine.
Go where the fish are, but fish with dynamite.

Lesson 20 - Know Your Numbers What is the Most Profitable Thing in Your Business?

At this point, Conor McGregor is the highest paid fighter in UFC history.
Yet, he is making peanuts compared to the big names in boxing.
Conor realizes this and guns for the biggest name in boxing, Floyd Mayweather. If he can make this happen, it will be the biggest payday in his career.
Similarly, you need to understand your own numbers. Where is the money?
What product lines are the most profitable? What are the least?
Make decisions based on numbers.

Lesson 21 - Negotiating Like a Pro Keep it Win-Win, and Give to Get

How do you get the biggest name in boxing, arguably the best boxer to ever step into the ring, to agree to a fight with an MMA fighter who has never professionally boxed?
You need to understand what the other party wants. Not just on the surface. What they truly want.
What would Mayweather possibly want?
  1. Money - Mayweather likes to spend money and is rumored to have financial troubles.
  2. Vanity - Mayweather wants to keep his undefeated record untarnished.
  3. Cash Flow - Mayweather wants big fights. At 43, the window of opportunity is slowly closing.
When Mayweather fought Pacquiao, the purse was split $180 million for Mayweather and $120 million for Pacquiao, according to Kurt Badenhausen.
Big number for sure. What could Conor offer? He has a big name, but he’s not Manny Pacquiao.
Money: Conor offers a better split of revenues. Reportedly, Mayweather took in $500 million with Conor only taking $100 million.
Vanity: On paper, this fight should be the least risk for Mayweather. Sure, Conor has a monster left hand, but he’s not a professional boxer. Mayweather believes he will retain his record.
Cash Flow: McGregor offers to promote the hell out of this fight. With Mayweather believing he has no chance of losing, he also retains his record, assuring he can continue to get big money fights.
Let’s face it. Conor couldn’t lose. Losing to Mayweather in a boxing match doesn’t hurt his brand at all, and he comes away $100 million dollars richer and an even bigger brand.
The secret to negotiating is to have a deep understanding of what the other party wants.
Make the deal win-win. If the other party has massive leverage or if the deal could be a game changer for you or your business, don’t be afraid to give them more.

Lesson 22 - Spend More Time on Promotion

MMA training takes a considerable amount of time.
MMA fighters train in multiple disciplines, lift weights, and do a ton of cardio. They also need time to sleep and recover.
With all this training, how do you even have time to promote the fight?
Still McGregor has taken time to make appearances, go on press tours, television, podcasts, and more.
A lot of fighters hate promoting. It takes time away from the things they need to do to prepare for a fight.
No matter how hard it is, promotion is key to becoming a big name in the sport.
This is great advice, especially for creatives. Creatives spend so much time producing work. It seems productive, but you need to spend equal time promoting.

Lesson 23 - Diversify You Need Multiple Revenue Streams

As in most professional sports, MMA fighters take a brutal toll on their bodies. It is hard to determine the average fighter’s career length, but the 9-year rule, stating that fighter’s start to decline around the 9-year mark, is a good indicator.
This means that most fighters only have 10 years to maximize their career earnings in the sport.
McGregor has done this through sponsorships:
He has a residency deal with the Wynn Las Vegas for his post fight after parties.
He owns digital properties selling workouts (McGregor FAST Program), emojis (MacMoji App), the MacTalk App, and the everything McGregor and MMA website, the Mac Life. All of these generate additional revenue.
Then like a true Irishman, he started his own line of whiskey, Proper 12, just in time before the biggest fight of his MMA career against Khabib Nurmagomedov. In a genius move, McGregor sponsored his own UFC fight to promote his new whiskey. The brand has reportedly brought in $1 billion in sales in its first year.
Changing markets, the economy, or a pandemic can all change everything in an instant. It is important to have multiple revenue streams to both maximize revenue generation opportunities and safeguard you from a change in circumstances such as a lay-off.
Side Hustles are becoming more and more popular!

Lesson 24 - There is No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

Conor McGregor and his team’s bus incident ignited a flurry of bad press. A string of bad publicity follows. Let's take a quick look at the Google trends for Conor Mcgregor searches over time:
There are 12 peaks indicating high searches:
  1. Becomes Cage Warriors Double Champ (& tweeted by Joe Rogan)
  2. McGregor vs Mendes (& interviewed on Conan)
  3. McGregor vs. Aldo
  4. McGregor vs. Diaz I
  5. McGregor vs. Diaz II
  6. McGregor vs. Alvarez
  7. McGregor vs. Mayweather
  8. McGregor Bus Incident
  9. McGregor vs. Khabib
  10. Accusation of Sexual Assault
  11. Mcgregor Bar Fight
  12. Mcgregor vs. Cerrone
Numbers 8, 10, & 11 are all bad press.
But an old saying by P.T. Barnum rang true.
The fight with Khabib went on to become the biggest fight in UFC history.
Now the saying isn’t 100% true, we’ve all seen bad press sink a company, but let’s be real, this is the fight game. The fans secretly loved it. Come on, he’s a fighter. We expect this.
Bad Publicity can actually help smaller brands, as it still gets eyeballs on the product, service, or person. The strategy definitely has some risks, but we’ve seen some major brands built with bad press (think Kim K’s sex tape).
However, larger brands can lose a lot of business with bad press.

Lesson 25 - Forward Momentum Propels You Forward Choose Your Battles Wisely

After a long lay-off between the Khabib defeat, Conor needs to win a big fight to get back in title contention.
Donald Cerrone is a great matchup. It is a fight he is expected to win as he is a -300 favorite according to oddsmakers. Plus, Cerrone is one of the most entertaining fighters to watch with his stand and bang style.
McGregor’s quick win over Donald Cerrone provides him with forward momentum once again and vaults him right back into title contention.
Look for little wins. Forward momentum propels you forward, boosts your confidence, and reinvigorates your motivation.
Set goals. Blast them. Keep moving forward.

Lesson 26 - Be Willing to Walk Away if the Deal Isn’t Right

At this point, McGregor wants a big fight.
A rematch with Khabib, a contender’s fight against Gaethje, or a spectacle with either a Diaz trilogy or the BMF holder, Masvidal.
No other fights really make sense right now.
Maybe Conor will take a rematch with Floyd Mayweather or perhaps the talks about Pacquiao are true. Who knows.
Without the right match on the table, Conor decides to sit on the sideline until the right deal is presented.
Sometimes it is better to walk away and keep your stock high than to take a bad deal.

Bonus Lesson 1 - Take Care of Your Body & Mind

As an elite athlete, surely Conor McGregor is in great shape. Yet, it was a story about Lebron James that changed his entire outlook on training and mindset.
Lebron reportedly has a cadre of trainers, biomechanists, massage therapists, nutritionists, and personal chefs that have all contributed to his longevity in the sport. He does cryotherapy and spends time in the hyperbaric chamber. It was even reported that Lebron took ballet classes to help with his footwork.
He spends roughly $1.5 million a year on his body.
After McGregor read this, he knew he had to invest in his own body.
It seems he also worked with Tony Robbins, the ultimate life coach, to help with his mental state.
Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness, or Friends. Choose three.
The above is a running joke in the startup world. It is hard to juggle everything when you’re busy trying to change the world.
Physical fitness and mental health are extremely important. Keep in shape and you’ll be more productive, have more energy, and be able to think more clearly.

Bonus Lesson 2 - Develop Unbreakable Confidence

Conor McGregor exudes confidence. While all professional athletes share this trait, Conor’s confidence is off the charts even for professional athlete standards.
A lot of people mistake McGregor’s confidence for arrogance. Understandably so.
Yet, Conor believes what he is saying.
I’ve watched countless hours of pre-fight interviews of both Conor and other fighters. Conor McGregor has absolute certainty he is going to win.
Other fighters also believe they are going to win. However, you can see faint tells, twitches, micro expressions, or even vocal uncertainties in their responses. Subconsciously, somewhere deep down, the fighter has doubts. Doubts in themselves and doubts in their abilities.
This is not evident anywhere in Conor McGregor’s UFC career. This does put the Tony Robbins coaching into perspective. DId Conor need help getting his confidence back after he was defeated by Khabib? Tony Robbins would be the guy to get your mojo back!
I believe there are two main drivers to success in business:
  1. Believing in yourself
  2. Having something to prove
Confidence gets you on the road to success. If you believe in yourself, you’ll be willing to take the chance at greatness.
On the flip side of the coin, there is one group of people with low confidence that also have the ability to make it big - someone who is determined to prove their worth. These people are so determined to be successful their lack of confidence does not scare them away. Slowly, they become confident along the way.

Bonus Lesson 3 - Be Grateful

The one thing that surprised me in the research for this article was how grateful he is for everything he has accomplished.
Conor Mcgregor, an international sports legend with $100+ million dollars. A man that could have anything he wants. And he is truly grateful for his success.
No matter your success in life, this one is the key. No amount of money will ever make you happy. But gratitude - for your family, your friends, your lifestyle, for every little positive thing in your life that you take for granted, that is the real key to success and happiness.
If you enjoyed this, the full article can be found here.
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2020.09.03 08:16 AthenaSolo2912 Virgin shaming is way more prominent then slut shaming in today's culture

Personally I think both are extraordinarily dumb reasons to shame someone. However I've noticed an trend of people shaming virgins almost constantly I remember when the virgin Bachelor was announced people made fun of him endlessly and Jimmy Kimmel brought him on to give him the sex talk as if he were a child. People always assume virgins don't know anything about sex and that we're oppressed and missing out. Sex has become such a norm in our society that someone who is choosing to wait is seen as abnormal or weird when they shouldn't be. On the contrary having a lot of sex with a lot of partners is now the norm and even people who've had sex but with one other person are also shamed I'm not sure why people care that much.
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2020.06.21 05:44 OldmanRevived I saw one movie (Dads)

My father's great crime in my eyes was that he chose drugs over family. I have always been in envy of anyone who experienced a father's love. Having a father who would visit and be able to banter with you is something that I could have enjoyed. But my father loved no one, much less himself. It is the saddest thing to watch as he goes towards infinity. It would have been easier if he had been my "Daddy." Instead, he is a lost man so diluted in character, so shallow in integrity, so delicate in self-confidence, that he is an embarrassment to my family.
I realize that this might not be the best way to open a review of "Dads," which is a light and heartfelt documentary about sympathetic, caring, intelligent, dignified fathers. Bryce Dallas Howard, directing for the first time, includes interviews with at least a dozen famous showbiz dads, including Will Smith, Patton Oswalt, Jimmy Kimmel, and Judd Apatow, and provides intimate glimpses of the lives of a variety of fathers and children. But at its heart are her interviews with her own father, Ron Howard, and his father, the late actor Rance Howard. Other stretches concentrate on her brother, who at the time of the interview was about to become a first-time father himself.
The famous folks deliver insightful commentary against backdrops of bright, assorted colors, and each reflects their own experience with being a father and how that compared to the expectations and wants of their own dads. There is also a common thread that unites all of the contributions, and that is the collective sense that life stopped being about "me" and instantly morphed into "him" or "her," that singular moment when a baby is welcomed to the world. These are men who have discovered that fatherhood is both a burden and a joy. In chaotic kitchens across the globe, we watch fathers as they make breakfast for their young ones and sing about chores and proper behavior. In living rooms, we witness frenzied playtime. And yes, each one of the subjects agrees that fatherhood contains a lot of unwanted excrement.
The profiles include a California man who runs a popular vlog, Beleaf in Fatherhood, dedicated to his life as a stay-at-home dad; a single father in Virginia whose son has endured years of hospitalizations and surgeries due to a heart defect; a man in Brazil whose parenting podcast reunited him with his own estranged father; another man in Japan who overcame a distressing health diagnosis and his country's workaholic culture to find joy in fatherhood; and a gay couple in Maryland who fostered, then adopted, four children struggling with past abuse. These guys are playing the game more strangely than the rest of us, but they have the same goal: to demand parity for hardworking fathers, with longer and widely available paternity leaves, for starters.
As the movie progresses, you can’t help but think about your own father, and how he showed up during your childhood or didn’t. Howard clearly knows this, and allows space for the audience to reflect. She follows each of the mini docudramas with viral footage; reaction videos when dads learn their partners are pregnant, kids of all ages getting upset with the ways they’re being disciplined and a sampling of goofy dad antics. But by including the voices of fathers who don’t have the privileges that come with fame, Howard deftly moves things into deeper emotional territory without losing the earnest tone. To the question of what constitutes a good father, the film presents a mosaic, with each of the participants offering an important piece.
"Dads" might feature some of the tyrannical obstacles that have to be fooled, faced or defeated, but it only touches on them begrudgingly. Fathers in the movies, as a group, supply only a few more heroes than Nazis. I suppose Howard wanted to keep things playful, and stray from having any hyperbolic wretches in this documentary. It isn't as penetrating as one would hope, but it gets the job done; we like the families, and enjoy seeing how the fathers control their household in ways that break typical tradition. At the end of the day, Howard has achieved an engrossing film. No matter what may have been guided by her outside hand, it is all in some way real, and often touching.
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2020.06.17 10:33 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Full-Tilt Boogaloo by Sarah Lazarus & Crooked Media (06/16/20)

"Black Lives Matter is now more popular than the president of the United States." - Tucker Carlson, new host of John Krasinski's Some Good News

Uncivil Guard

President Trump’s baseless conspiracy theories about Antifa provocateurs and impassioned defenses of monuments to the Confederacy have, predictably, emboldened right-wing fringe elements to take matters into their own hands.
Trump has, however, found time to scold the media for pointing out that his plan to hold a huge indoor campaign rally this weekend is perhaps ill-advised.
Trump willfully ignores both the escalation of right-wing, white-nationalist violence, and the accelerating coronavirus outbreaks around the country. (Yesterday: “If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any.”) In fact, he frequently fans both. When Trump’s most ardent followers haul out assault rifles to protect a statue but refuse to wear masks to protect other people, they do so based on the example he sets, and with his tacit approval.

Look No Further Than The Crooked Media

Need a news break? How about a little, "Jon Lovett and Judd Apatow recall their time writing jokes for President Obama, including the infamous 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner?" (You're welcome.) Watch and subscribe

Under The Radar

Two officials have been issued congressional subpoenas to testify about Attorney General Bill Barr’s politicization of the Department of Justice next week, including Aaron Zelinsky, the career prosecutor who resigned from Roger Stone’s case after Barr intervened to try to get Stone's sentence reduced. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler issued a statement explaining that he has sought testimony from whistleblowers in large part because Barr has refused to testify before the committee voluntarily, requiring the panel to conduct oversight of his actions without his input. In addition to hearing from Zelinsky about the handling of Stone’s case, the panel has also subpoenaed John Elias, acting chief of staff of DOJ’s Antitrust Division, about that office’s “improperly motivated activity.” Zelinsky has agreed to testify; Elias has yet to comment.

What Else?

In response to weeks of non-stop, nationwide protests against police brutality, President Trump signed an executive order for unaggressive, largely toothless police reforms that don’t address systemic racism or do much of anything about police violence. He did, however, spend most of his remarks praising the police.
North Korea blew up its joint-liaison office with South Korea, after severing all communications with South Korea last week. Tensions between the two countries have been escalating for weeks, prompted by defectors in the South sending anti-North leaflets across the border.
In other alarming new chapters of old conflicts, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in the worst border clash between India and China in over 40 years. Both countries and their nationalist leaders have taken increasingly aggressive stances, risking a war.
The Justice Department announced that it will resume federal executions next month after a 17-year hiatus. Just a huge day for “revisitations of the past that absolutely no one asked for.”
The Justice Department also filed a lawsuit against former national security advisor John Bolton in an effort to delay the publication of his book, getting back to the department’s real business of protecting Donald Trump.
Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) father has died from coronavirus complications, marking the third member of Congress to have lost family to the illness.
Two police unions falsely claimed that Shake Shack workers poisoned three NYPD officers’ milkshakes. Lactose is the anarchist rioter of the digestive system, easy to get confused. Anyway, here is a compendium of police claiming they were attacked by fast food.
Jimmy Kimmel will host the 2021 Emmy Awards for the 840th consecutive year, but at least he’s pumped about it: “I don't know where we will do this or how we will do this or even why we are doing this, but we are doing it and I am hosting it.”
A man in Vienna was fined €500 ($562) for farting “with full intent” in front of Austrian police. The police tweeted that “of course no one is reported for accidentally letting one go.” Ladies and gentlemen, we now live in a world with first-degree farting.

Be Smarter

A national mail-in election will need to be planned around the fact that the Postal Service is in decidedly rough shape. Postal delays and missteps have already caused problems in primary elections, and a national election with unprecedented numbers of voters voting by mail will put enormous pressure on the system. Years of budget cuts and plant closures have slowed down mail delivery times—even normal delays could affect hundreds of thousands, if not millions of votes. To complicate matters, many states are now setting up vote-by-mail systems on the fly, and others haven’t adjusted their ballot deadlines to allow for slower delivery. Election experts think the Postal Service has the capacity to handle a national election conducted mainly by mail, but it will require close coordination with state election officials, and voters who know to send their ballots in early.

Is That Hope I Feel?

Dexamethasone is the first COVID-19 therapy shown to be able to save lives, marking a major breakthrough. British researchers found that it reduced deaths by up to one third in severely ill, hospitalized patients, and it’s cheap and widely available.
The Southern Poverty Law Center announced it will make $30 million available in grants to help register and mobilize voters of color in five southern states.
Over 1,000 bakers will participate in Bakers Against Racism, a virtual bake sale to raise money for Black Lives Matter and other racial justice organizations.
A Cleveland man named Jett Croisant (!), whose downstairs neighbor has Trump banners displayed in the window, posted a sign in his window reading "Venmo @Jet513 and I will tapdance at midnight." Croisant has raised over $10,000 and plans to donate the funds to the ACLU.


Jay Jurden BLM on Twitter: "I need this in pill form"
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2020.04.16 14:37 1913intel Weight-Loss Articles at Men's Journal

Source:Weight-Loss Articles at Men's Journal
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  2. 10 Best Muscle Fit T-Shirts
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2020.03.24 16:05 Texas1971 Carollaisms

Haven’t updated in awhile, but here’s some “light reading” for everyone while we’re locked in. These just crack me up. Enjoy, stay safe and wash up. 🧼 GETITON

Band Names/Rap Stars

Mitt Romney and the One Percenters (ACS)
ManAyz - Rap star (LL)
D'Bagz - Rap star (LL)
Maxi Pad - An all-girl band that knows how to rock (LL)
Dick Tingle - One of the best blues men in the business (Show?)
Lynette and the Lackeys (ACS)
Straw Hat and the Bowties - Jerry Springer's dixieland band who plays at the Knott's Berry Farm Good Time Theater (ACS)
Gut Fluffer (ACS)
Johnny Beaumont and The Legionnaires - All wear matching powder blue tuxedoes (ACS)
Automatic Vaginismus – Great band name (LL)
Dissuade/D’ Suede - Rappeproducer of Kanye/one of Kim's ex beaus (ACS)
Starchy Deuce - Band that should be produced by D' Suede (ACS)
Narthex - (ACS)
Epileptic Declawed Hamster - That is a helluva punk band right there (ACS)
Loretta Lynch - Country singer who sang "Stand By Your Man" (ACS)
The Areolas - Covered an Eagles song in the ‘90s (ACS)
Fleece and Flannel - One of the best lesbian acoustic duos you will ever see (ACS)
3 Chainz - Rap star (ACS)
Blues Squatter - Adam's dad’s band name (ACS)
Tampon Kayak - One of Seattle's greatest, but least heard of indie bands (ACS)
Jizz Grenade (LL)
Dryer Fire - Hot indie band name (ACS)
Iranian Revolutionary Guard - Prince's backup band (ACS)
Rape Kit - Name of Adam's band from high school (ACS)
Nog Bong - A band Adam was in in high school (ACS)
Bum Blazer – Adam’s band in high school (ACS)
White Trash Kimchi - Another good band name (Bald Bryan) (ACS)
White Noise - Adam's rap name (ADS)
Promethazine - Lil Wayne's sister (ADS)
Light Rail - Great Rap name (ADS)
Danny In The Joint - Good indie band name (ACS)
Anal Cleft - One of the worst reggae singers to leave Jamaica (ACS)
Anal Cleft and the Taints - Great reggae group (ACS)
MEL-ROL - One of The Spice Girls (AOTH)
D'bris - Great Rap name (ACS)
Cisgender - A militant female rapper....for the ladies (ACS)
Krav Maga (1) - Country singing Jew (ACS)
Lynette and Paulette - Sounds like a singing duo from the 60's (RD)
Nuts In The Sink - Name of Ray’s new band (Ray) (AOTH)
SubDude - Pete Holmes' rap name (ACS)
Ray And The Enemas - Blues singer and his backup band (ADS)
Yakov Crutchfield - He has a show in Branson (ADS)
Mac 18 - Adam’s favorite rapper (RD)
Tremble Lean – Adam’s rap name (ACBSL)
Sticker Back – Worst band out of Canada ever (ACS)
Pennywise and Pound Foolish - A band from the ‘90's (RD)
Strawberry Shortcake's Neti Pot - Great band name (Twitter)
Puffy Elon Musk - Worst rapper ever (ACS)
Pantera Club at Laguna Seca (Twitter)
Savage Body Attack - New wave romantic band Ace was in when he was 19 (FBL)
Jumping Jazzy Jews - Jeff Goldblum's jazz band (ACS)
Snore Cherry - Great band name (ACS)
Pat Benatard - Pat Benatar cover band (ACS)
Rancid Nuts - Good band name (ACS)
Gary And The Knotholes - Good band name (AOTH)
Tampon Canoe - Good indie band (ACS)
One Erection - A good boy band (ACS)
Flushin' Dew - A good country duo (ACS)
Armo Jeweler - Great band name (RD)
Radon - (Lynette thinks) there a Whitesnake cover-band (ACS)
The Taste Of Ace - Great band name (ACS)
King Grape and the Raisinettes (GS)
Concord Grape and the Raisinettes (GS)
Gary Taco - Love that band (ACS)
The Silence Breakers (2) - Good punk band (Gina) (ACS)
Daddy’s Got A Dually – Good country song (ACS)
Dip Curtain - Good indie band (ACS)
Crystal Lobbyists - Sounds like a great techno band (ACS)
Narcissistic Monk -Great indie band (GS)
Sporty Prius - Worst of the Spice Girls (ACS)
Laden and Bravado - 70s duo who opened for Seals n Crofts (ACS)
The Bouncers - great band name (ACS)
Hurry up and make sense (1) - a good talking heads album (ACS)
Appropriate Sombrero - Maxapada’s next band name (Bryan) (ACS)
Flirtatious Contrail - great rap name (GS)
Jack Johnson - Guy from The White Stripes aka The Black Stripes (ACS)
Sophistry - A great Carol King album (ADS)

Song Titles

Meatless Mondays - Horrible Bangles song (Show?)
Measles and Commuter Trains - Worst Christmas song ever (ACS)
White Guys Be Ownin' Everything - Adam's next hit (ACS)
Blood On The Grout - John Cougar Mellencamp song (ACS)
No Blood In The Peckeroo - Good John Cougar song (ACS)
Mellen's Gold - A three disc box set of nothing but John Cougar Mellencamp hits (ACS)
Freaks, Retards and Jews - Not a Cher song (ACS)
Pedophile Cops - Good Cheap Trick song (ACS)
Pig Anus Soup - Favorite Rolling Stones album (Bryan) (ACS)
That Dog Don’t Mess With Olga and Natalia Don’t Spit No Mo’ - Sounds like a Mississippi Delta blues song (Bryan) (ACS)
Goggles Are For Pussies - Trace Adkins' number one hit (ACAFBSL)
Whistle While You Masturbate - The lost Disney song aka "Whistle While You Jerk" (ACS)
12 Pack & Dick's Hard - Name of Adam's new album (Gina) (ACS)
Blood and Soil - A good Smithereens song (ACS)
Pina Colada in Amsterdam - Worst Jimmy Buffet song ever (ACS)
Tough Times In The City - Great Nick Gilder song (ACS)
I've Got A Hamster In My Scrotum And He's Looking For His Keys - That's a good country song (ACS)
Gay Hitler -Great Elvis Costello song (ACS)
Tard On The Tool Shed - Good Mellenamp song (AOTH)
Condo in Redondo - Sublime song (ADS)
Animoji - Band that sung "Obsession" (ACS)
People Who Have Lost People - Worst Barbara Streisand song ever (ACS)
Tilted Heart - Great Tammy Wynette song (ADS)
Yoga wood - Great Beatles song (ACS)
Anal cleft - Song from the Sound of Music (ACS)
Morgue Mode - Sounds like a guy from Iceland who is a DJ (ACS)
I’ve got a Saturday and two friends - great country song (Gina) (ACS)
Recipe for Misery (2) - Title of the next Guns N Roses album (ACS)
Circling Back To Baldwin - Good name for a country song (ACS)
Keistered in Winnipeg - (Bald’s) favorite Willie Nelson song (ACS)
Anal ipecac - Good indie band (ACS)
2 Tits and a Pulse - Ace likes that Beck song (Bryan/Adam) (ACS)

Football Players/Athletes/Teams:

Legs Akimbo - Wide Receiver (ACS)
Feral Katz - Nose Tackle (ACS)
L' Brarian Booker - Wide Receiver (ACS)
Oscar Buzz - Linebacker (ACS)
DeVigorous Lover - Wide Receiver (ACS)
Nadir Zenith - Placekicker (ACS)
DeGluten Free - Offensive Lineman (ACS)
Tangy Mango - Fullback (ACS)
N'Farious Plan - (position?) (ACS)
Modular Holmes - (position?) (ACS)
Fortuitous Bounce - Safety (ACS)
Operatin' Thetan - (ACS) Quarterback for the Washington Redskins (ACS)
Minority Banks - HOF OLB who died tragically in a car wreck shortly after his HOF induction, a natural athlete, he played option QB in college along with being a stand out member of the track team, and in high school he was captain of the basketball team. Survived by his twin brother Majority Banks, who also played in the league, and daughter Recuser Banks who many believe was the best athlete in the family (ACS)
Coach Platitude - "Take a knee son...helmet's not a chair" (ACS)
Glendora Bevmo - Mother of DeVigorous Lover and L' Brarian Booker (different fathers, of course) (ACS)
Marshall Law - (Allison) (ACS)
Orlando Ceeworld - (position?) (ACS)
Du Vatine - (position?) (Show?)
Raja Slate - Super fast wide-out out of Marshall via LSU (AOTH)
Moe Greene - Great corner for the Washington Redskins in the 80’s (ACS)
Bronx Defenders - Sounds like a AAA hockey team (RD)
Medical Error - Slipped in the draft due to a video being released just prior (ACS)
Homeo Stasis (position?) (ACS)
Capybara - The greatest name for a major league skipper (ACS)
Ejaxico Johnson (position?) (ACS)
Radiant Barrier vs. Attic Fan - The worst WWE matchup ever to grace the stage (AOTH)
Bamboo Brick - one of the greatest mixed martial artists on the planet (AOTH)
Dexter Methorphan - He did not participate in the combines, but his coaches say he can run a 4.3 (Twitter)
Bob Jacuzzi - Great point guard for the Celtics aka "THE COOZE" (ACS)
Shame Negation - Picked to leave Clemson early and go very early in the draft this year. (ADS)
Entertainment Crackers - Another name for the Washington Generals ACS
Hardibacker - Good name for an inside backer (ACS)
Osmosis - Black dude. Forward for the Knicks who might or might not have been traded (ADS)
Onus Wilson - NFL draftee (ACS)
World Be Mine - Adam’s new basketball name (ACS)
LBJ - Worst Mexican wrestler name ever (ADS)
Cold stone Steve Austin - Can’t wrestle on hot days. Tag team partners with the Klondike twins (GS)
Cicely Tyson - Greatest Italian boxer of all time. (ADS)

Porn Star Names/Terms/Gay Code:

Spoodini - (LL)
Rocky Stucco - (AOTH)
No Can Doo - Backdoor anal queen of China (ACS)
Kristallnacht - Worst porn star name in the business (ACS)
Madison Avenue (I am Rappaport Podcast)
Hero Du Jour (I am Rappaport Podcast)
Kindle Fire (ACS)
Jackson Hole - Gay porn actor (ACS)
Col. Duke Lacrosse - Adam's porn name (LL)
Duke Circumference - Adam's gay porn name (ACS)
Rich Data - Gay porn actor (Show?)
Tom Foolery - Gay porn actor (Show?)
Honey Dijon - Great porn star name (Show?)
Aids Machete - One of Adam's gay porn names. "Very short stint, I only did 2 weeks with that name, so it was like 41 movies." (ACS)
Bryce Canyon - Great gay porn name (ACS)
The Italian Coastguard - A gay move. "Let me just start with basic anal, then I'll slide into the Italian Coast Guard." (ACS)
Tetanus Gym - Good gay porn name "Who you working with?" "Tetanus Gym." "Oh boy, make sure you're on top" (ACS)
Shared A Back Fence - gay slang (ACS)
Mea Culpa - Adam's porn name (ACS)
Hand Twins - Gay code (ACS)
Backscatter - Porn technology (PM)
Cajun Tree Climber - Gay code (AOTH)
Snow Blower- Gay code (AOTH)
Stump Grinder - Gay code (AOTH)
Tumbler And Coaster - Adam's gay slang replacement for "top and bottom" (PM)
Go For A Bike Ride - Gay code (ACS)
Artie Fartie - Adam's porn name from the 80's (ACS)
Road Island Ray - Ray's porn name (AOTH)
38KKK -A type of porn that comes out of Kentucky (ACS)
Tech Screw - A dirty website for geeks (ACS)
Bearvalanche - Worst gay move ever (ACS)
Wacked Off Pieces Of Cactus - Gay code for gay rough trade (ACS)
Brad Nail - Good gay porn name (ADS)
Lightning Rod - Good gay porn name for Milo Yiannopplous (ADS)
Milk Barn - Another name for Adam's bathroom sink (ACS)
Meat Thievery - That's just good gay code (ACS)
Hairy Shin - Adam's gay porn name (ACS)
Asian Persuasion - Sounds like a good name for a porn series Asian persuasion 16 (ACS)
Cock Holster - Good movie series, cock holster 14 (ACS)
Celebrity Du Jour - Great porn name (ACS)
Europol - Another great porn name (ACS)
Roy Wood - Adam's gay porn name (ACS)
Tank slapper - Gay slang (Gina) (ACS)
Porch Pirate - Gay term (ACS)
Mad Chuck - The world's worst name for a gay porn star (AOTH)
Sweat lodge - Gay code (ACS)
The L.A. Underground - Sounds like a gay bar (M&J)
Skin and grin - Gay slang (ACS)
Rear Admiral - The name of one of the best bars on west side (ACS)
Loaded for bear - Now a gay term (GS)
Fruit Of The Year - A porn Dave (Dameshek) starred in (ACS)
The Lebanese Comedian - Ace's favorite sex position (ACS)
Cockout - When a gay guy doesn't try very hard (ACS)
Margana Wood - Porn name (ACS)
Hugh Bris - Porn star (RD)
Matte Clear - Fondalier’s gay porn name (AOTH)
Palatial Estates – A good 80’s fake tittie porn name (AOTH)
Cokie Roberts - Great porn name (ACS)
Armenian Christmas - An unspeakable sexual act in prison. "Johnny ratted out the white supremacists to the warden, so they gave him an Armenian Christmas" (Show?)
Ride The Pine - Gay slang (ADS)
Meet Gaze - Gay slang (ACS)
Asshole Rider - Gay slang (ACS)
Cash Widedick - Ace's porn name if you can call an apple a honey crisp. (ACS)
Shanda Lear - Great stripper name (Gina) (ACS)
Fiery Cherry - Good porn name (ACS)
Jerk the wheel - Code for masturbation (ACS)
Giddyup Titties - Gina’s porn name (Gina) (ACS)
French astronaut - Great gay slang (ACS)
Mr Bandera - gay code (ACS)
Beefmato/Clamato - sounds like names of venerial diseases (ACS)
Spanner - Australian gay code (ACS)
Rocky tenure - Adam’s gay porn name (ACS)
The End Game - One of Stormy Daniels movie titles (RD)
Room for cream - Great porno title (Gina) (ACS)
Pedialyte shower - Worst sexual act ever (Sklar) (ACS)
Foot Zunki - Add-on to the Pedialyte shower (ACS)
Self rimming sink - gay slang (AOTH)
Harvey Mudd - gay bar drink where vermouth and bartender shit is mixed in a goblet (ACS)
Barney’s Beanery - ultimate name for a gay bar (ACS)
Parallel park both ways - euphemism for being bi (GS)
The Big Three - Gerago’s junk (RD)
73 - When a fat guy tries to 69 with a chubby prostitute he met at a ham radio convention(ACS)
Backlog - Stormy Daniels movie title (Bryan)(ACS)
Madison Bear - Sounds like an dating app for gay hairy dudes who are married (ACS)
Back pay - Good porn title name (ACS)

Miscellaneous People

Trajectory Hagar - High school kid "heading down the wrong path" in life (ACS)
Slick Mouth - Adam's prison name (ACS)
Rich Carless - Cool homeless guy name (ACS)
Keyless Chuck - Best homeless guy name (ACS)
Nasal Ranger - Worst superhero name ever (Gina) (ACS)
Krav Maga (2) - Good name for a sheriff (ADS)
Hubcap Annie - Horror that hangs out with Keyless Chuck (ACS)
Becky Honkington (Allison) (ACS)
Monica Chugscock - (Pronounced "Shuggscawk") (ADS)
Tyvek DuPont - Best rich guy’s name (AOTH)
Mattress - A Model/actress (ACS)
Hofmeister Kink - Nazi war criminal who's been in hiding in Brazil for the past 61 years. aka Jake Johnson (ACS)
Serpiginous - The world's wimpiest swordsman. Sir Piginous of Wussville (LL)
Chick Fil a - Great play-by-play guy for the Warriors from the 70’s (Show?)
Peri Menopausal - Best P.I. working the Chicago beat (LL)
Whiskey Dick - The neighborhood pedophile in the clown outfit (ACS)
Surge - Guy that drives for ÜBER (ACS)
Babbling Brook - Great name for a female cattle auctioneer (PM)
Terra Firma - Name of the "woman of color" that heckled Adam at a Ventura live show and was removed by force (The Ranker Podcast)
Octomom - Great Batman villain (Bryan) (ACS)
Larry The Cabinet Guy - Failed Israeli comic…"Don't get 'er done!" (ACS)
Rod Blagojevich - Joe Francis' slimy brother who sells above ground pools out of a primered van (ACS)
Cockchug Man - The gay superhero in The Village People that wears just all leather (ACS)
MEL-ROL- She's one of The Spice Girls (AOTH)
Hand Farts - A new comedian Adam had never heard of (ACS)
Juan Jeremy - The greatest international film star ever (ACS)
Bitchathane Jackson - Good name for a "sista" (ACS)
Tobar - Perfect caveman name (ACS)
Vroman - A fast moving Roman (ACS)
Korn Syrup and Fructose - Women of color who work at the strip club with Jade (stage 4) (ACS)
Fred Meyer - Lucy's neighbor (ACS)
Kimchi - The Asian flutist (ACS)
Pacoima - The mechanic from Taxi (ACS)
Dick Salt - NATO Alliance General (ACS)
Dick Salt (2) - Manger of the Mariners in the early 70’s (Bryan) (ACS)
Caramel And Fudge - Two more African-American prostitutes that lived in the apartment above Adam’s (ACS)
Peaches - The whore that lived upstairs (ACS)
F. Me Bailey - Greatest lawyer of all time (RD)
Agua Caliente - Loves that guy. He does a great John Madden (ACS)
Senior Penis - One the most dangerous drug lords to ever work (ADS)
Shill Du'Jour - Good Bond secretary name (RD)
Brexit Romero - Sounds like an International assassin (ACS)
Lugansk - That gay diver who hit his head and gave the whole Canadian team AIDS (ACS)
Leak O'rama - A Dutch action star, starred in “Sudden Death” (AOTH)
Vaginismus - Great black guy name (ADS)
Normcore - Guy that owns Westwood one (ACS)
LaTolstoy - Great black guy name (ACS)
Shapiro – Artist who is really good at anime. Died in the 60’s but was a real trendsetter (ACS)
Chuck Spears – Good name for a racist. “Hey you workin’ with Chuck Spears over at the Klan?” (ACS)
Norethindrone - DAG’s Sister (CLL)
La Tuskegee - Black airline pilot (ACS)
C-clamps – Nickname for Adam’s step-mom. “Ol’ C-clamps locked me out of the house again.” (ACS)
Harry Nilsson - (Gary thinks) he does the voices on The Simpsons (ADS)
Nutella - Great name for a crazy black woman (ACS)
Sia - The perfect person to break up with. Would be perfect if she was dating Jack (hit the road Jack) (ACS)
The Ball Catcher - What Adam used to call Ray's ass in junior high (ACFBSL)
MOAB - Matt's new nickname (Mother of All Buttholes) (AONTH)
Trip Reeb - Great name for a white guy (ACS)
Merle Horn - One of the greatest best ropers to ever come down the Pecos (ACS)
The Boring Machine - Lynette's name for Adam (ACS)
Avocado Hand - The nickname of Eric Clapton's brother (Chet) who works at a Mexican place and is charge of the guacamole (ACS)
Bagel Hand - Clapton's Jewish cousin (ACS)
Fa-Sheeya (fascia) - A heavy set woman of color that works at the DMV (ACAFBSL)
Ghrelin - New AM/PM mascot (ACS)
Krav Maga (3) - An Israeli Captain from 1946 (ACS)
Cuban Boa - Sounds like a dark skinned trannie (ACS)
Gabardine - She's a very chatty woman of color middle-aged and she'll talk your ear off. (ACS)
Guy Dudebro - Greatest name ever (AOTH)
Otto Warmbier- Simultaneously the greatest and worst beer master brewer name ever (ACS)
Leif Geragos - Greatest rocking attorney ever Viking rocker attorney (ACS)
Ernest J. Bigot - "I'm just asking....I'm just wanna know...." (ACS)
Panzanella - Cobra's full name (ACS)
Sheet Metal Nibbler - Great name for Matt the porcelain punisher (AOTH)
Big Grenadine - Sounds like a large black neighbor (ACS)
Silent gym - Next to Keyless Chuck, best homeless guy name ever (ACS)
Nuchilla - Sounds like a black vampire (Theo Von) (ACS)
D' poleon - Black Napoleon (ACS)
Luke Rockhold - Sounds like a character on The Flintstones (GS)
Sissy squat - She was hot (AOTH)
Beulah - The town horror (RD)
Ronan Farrow - One of the best wheel men in Europe (ACS)
Duke Bagg - Comedian Ian Bagg's brother (ACS)
Root Ball Grinder - A horrible term for a bitchy wife (Ruth Ballgrinder and Harriet Mulcher) (Tim Allen) (ACS)
Paul Funyun - Just a big dude who likes to have fun. Has a pink ox as a sidekick (ACS)
Page/Savage - A great lawyer team (Adam Ray) (ACS)
Ivar the Boneless - Ace’s dad’s nickname in high school. aka Jim the spineless (ACS)
Bash Worthy - Comic strip's character name/title (ACS)
Uncle Tom-bién - Mexican Uncle Tom (ACS)
Alist Poon - An Indian exchange student who has cerebral palsy (ACS)
Indignant Asswipes - Good name for an improv troupe (Gina) (ACS)
Flora in Fauna - two black chicks that work for him (ADS)
Cheap - Name of a he/she that literally went under sexual assignment surgery last month (ACS)
Heroin (1)(Pronounced Ehr-o-win by JCVD) A character in Lord Of The Rings (Bryan) (ACS)
Yersinia pestis - Ace did Celebrity Apprentice with that dude. He won that year (ADS)
Morgue Mode - Sounds like a guy from Iceland who is a DJ (ACS)
Rachel Bias - Great stripper name (ACS)
Buzz Ramjet - Aviation attorney (ACS)
Black Cherry - Stripper name Bryan (ACS)
Saffron - Sassy black woman in Meg Whitman movie (ACS)
Vibranium - a new black kid name from Black Panther (ACS)
Bird Nerd - Marvel superhero (ACS)
Merch Galore - Worst Bond secretary ever. Total sellout. Always wearing her own swag (GS)
Bathroom Goalie - New code for fat chicks sitting next to you on an airplane (ACS)
Skip Loader -Kurt Loder’s older brother (ACS)
F. Me Money - greatest attorney rapper ever (RD)

Morning Zoos/DJ's/Radio Stations

Gum and Condoms - (Show?)
Dusty Labia - Adam's handle when he used to do AM Mornings. (ACS)
Asscrack and Backsack in the morning with Sludge (LL)
Crockpots and Headphones (ACS)
Booger and Floor Wax (ACS)
Almonds and Water (ACS)
Cold Butter And Calves (ADS)
Schluter And The Drain - Schluter has a thick Austrian accent , while "The Drain" has a super low voice (AOTH)
Ace Rockolla - Just Google "Ace Rockolla Lightning round...." (LL)
Fungus and Mold (Show?)
Stupid and Petty (Show?)
Eunice and Edgar - Bubba the Love Sponge's parents (ACS)
Flip Flops and Fanny Packs (ACS)
Hairy Shin - Does a KCRE show in the weekends (ACS)
Deep Bra Grooves - Should be a Sirius XM station Channel 248, C+ and above! (ACS)
Andy and Opie - Great Radio Show (ACS)
QuietRock - Sounds like an easy listening rock station (AOTH)
Quiet Crush - A good easy listening radio station (ACS)
The Tool Box - SiriusXM took tune station aka KTOL (ACS)
Ray's Enema Antics - New podcast on Carolla Digital (Bryan)(ACS)
Doug Gets Blown While He Eats Pudding - Doug Benson's next podcast (ACS)
Cat Packer - Used to do mornings with her brother, Fudge (ACS)
Duke and Shinola - good morning show team (ACS)
Mother Trucker - Adam’s Podcast with caller Miguel (AOTH)


Boobville - (LL)
Pedoph Isle aka Pedophile Island - Island where are all the pedophiles are sent to live. (Also a TV show/movie idea) (LL)
Lil' Lord Fauntleroy’s Academy for Albino Hemophiliacs - Drew's childhood school (LL)
Doesntexistizcan - Where presidential candidate Platitude's grandfather was from (ACS)
Boga Raton - The world's worst resort spot (Show?)
Meat Yard - Great name for a gay bar (ACS)
Mister Fister's - Adam's all-time top name for a gay bar (ACS)
Sub-Par - Worst name for a submarine sandwich shop (Show?)
Queen Mary - Great name for a tranny bar (ACS)
NuvaRing - A German racetrack. "The new Nissan GTR turned it in 7:21, faster than the Corvette." (Show?)
Louis Pasteur Middle School (ACS)
Helm’s Deep - World's first gay bar bakery (ACS)
Kal Penn - One of the best sounding names to get an engineering degree from (ACS)
Alaska State Motto - Love fishing but I hate your kids? Alaska! (PM)
Duke University - John Wayne's college (ACS)
Planned Possumhood - Planned Parenthood in Arkansas (ACS)
Fruit Stand - Great name for a gay bar (ACS)
Poo Poo City - Where Charles Fletcher Loomis' house is located (ACS)
Blood Bank - Great name for a check cashing place in the hood (ACS)
Bass Manor - Great name for a gay bar (ACS)
The Dead C - Sounds like the worst name for a lesbian bar ever (ACS)
Wood Bar - Good name for a gay bar (ACS)
Ghost Load - Ride at Calico Ghost Town (ADS)
Nasacort - Country club for Jewish folks where they play tennis at (ADS)
L.A. HOTT (1) - An 80's bar with an outdoor door seating area (ACS)
Fairy Wings - Good name for a bar on the west side (ACS)
Second Hand/First World - Store that sells rich whitey’s high end stuff (ACS)
The Lance Hunter - Perfect name for a gay bar (Dumb People Town)
Pervert Park - Theo Vaughn grew up there (ACS)
Big Sur - Great name for a big and tall shop (Show?)
Studio Centric - Sounds like a Utopia. Between Valley Village and Sherman Oaks (AOTH)
Asstard - Thor came from that planet (ACS)
Grand Entrance - Great name for a gay bar (AOTH)
Thermopolis - Where the Bun Boy is (ACS)
The Turkish Embassy - Gay bar (ACS)
Low Tide - Gay code for boner in the rear view mirror (ACS)
Corumption - On the way to Vegas, where Heidi Fleiss lives with her macaws (ACS)
C.C. Fichens - Sounds like a pretzel stand (Gina) (ACS)
Timpani Barn - where to get timpani to go, has three big Mexicans in the kitchen (ACS)
Heroin (2)(Pronounced Ehr-o-win by JCVD) The health food store in Venice (ACS)
Pocket Passers - Next to Mister Fister’s (Gina) (ACS)
The Mexican Faire - Worst fair ever (ACS)
Hanoi Hospice - Only place worse than the Hanoi Hilton (ACS)
Kaleblazer- Gay juice bar (ACS)
Hot Dog Cannon - good name for a bar next to The Abbey (ACS)
Dyskeratosis - where Vinnie lives, lots of Greek folks, a family oriented community (ACS)
Kind of, Italy - Where Ace’s family is from. Where he gets his kinky hair. (ADS)


Cleaning The Pink Turtle - Bryan's name for pleasuring oneself (ACS)
Analingus - A new type of breath mint (LL)
The Milk Of Arthritic Goats - A rabbi's curse: "May you suckle at the teet of the milk of arthritic goat!!!" (ACS)
Carbon Dating - A black dating website (ACS)
RU486 - Vanity plate for a guy who runs an abortion clinic (ADS)
Jet Green - Amsterdam's Airlines (ACS)
Stromer, Oldhafer and Carolla - World's worst law firm (AOTH)
Ira Carolla - Sounds like an affliction "Oh my Ira Carolla's acting up" (ACS)
Sawjay - Sounds French...gay word for sausage. "I was strokin' this dude’s sawjay" (ACS)
Smokeless Cigarette - Name for Dr. Drew's honker after his prostate surgery (ADS)
El Niño - Name of "Sinn" strip club DJ's cock (ACS)
Blue Man - Crazy hairdresser's macaw who doesn't judge (PM)
Lucia - An Italian moped (ACS)
American Jewish World Service - A van that's begging to be shot at (ACS)
E-aye? - Canadian version of EBay (ACS)
Sweatpants Lesbian - What Adam would be. An in-between lesbian. Not a lipstick lesbian, not a butch dyke (ACS)
SuckStrong - Bill Clinton's bracelet (ACS)
Gaybus - Gay and bogus (ACS)
Flappy Bird - The most offensive name for the vagina (ACS)
G8 (Summit) - The Pontiac that Oprah gave away on her show (ACS)
Oracle A The Delphi - Big new startup company (ADS)
Crewkakke - A type of sweater (ACS)
The Flying Dutchman - Great name for an Amsterdam airlines (ACS)
Cleaning My Chain - Euphemism for beating off (ACS)
Awesome Town - A gathering of three or more polar bears (ACS)
Avocado - The Greek word for nut sack (ACS)
Doucherette - A gum/patch that douchebags chew/use (ACS)
Urban Milling -Black guys standing around (AOTH)
Synesthesia - When you eat your own hair (ACS)
Tuck Rule - When a guy pretends he's a chick and stands in front of the mirror (ACS)
My #2 Pencil Is Out Of Lead - Another term for erectile dysfunction (ACS)
Float A Bond - When a politician farts (RD)
Vaginismus - black people's holiday, accompanied with a lot of ceremonial garb (ADS)
Vaseline and Gauze - Elizabeth Taylor's new scent (ACS)
Jewber - A drunk on a 10-speed (ACS)
Chickpea - What Gina does when we camp (ACS)
Oscar Squad (2) - Bad gay code (ACS)
Airbus - Worst name for an aircraft. Sounds like “air donkey” (AOTH)
Shailene Woodley - Sounds like the most fantastical verb/adverb combo. “I want to Shailene Woodley through a field of poppies with you” (Gina) (Twitter)
Asshole Rider (2) - Worst piece of exercise equipment Vinnie’s ever endorsed (ACS)
Diario La Prensa - Stealer of the jersey in Spanish (ACS)
The Sicilian Fly Swatter - Sounds like a WWF move (Gina) (ACS)
Jellyfish - Sounds like something your grandpa would buy for you at the mall (ACS)
Fruit Fly - More politically correct term for fag hag (Show?)
Jewgling - When a Jew "Googles" their symptoms (ACS)
Tavares - David Wild's boner medicine (ACS)
Jew -Over - A mulligan from a barmitzva. "Uh, I misread that...can I get a Jew-over?" (ACS)
Ossified - That's a Don King word, there (ACS)
Zero for Cecil - Worst charity ever (Bald Bryan) (ACS)
A++ - A bra that Gina will never see (ACS)
Joycelyn - A good name for Curly from the Three Stooges to say (ACS)
Phallisee - Latin for "to see the penis" (ADS)
Coffee Nap - Euphemism for pooping in your pants (ACS)
USS Monitor - Doesn't sound like a ship of war, sounds like a night nurse (ACS)
Dotard - A skirt a man wears (ACS)
Wilding- Something derogatory that takes place in public pools in certain counties (ACS)
Caveat - Latin for shitting on Adam's point (ADS)
Festiva - Sounds like a boner medicine (ACS)
Depeche Mode - French for “who dealt it?” (ADS)
Beefy Clutch – The purse Gina thought Lady Gaga took to the Emmy’s (ACS)
Sig Sauer - Something you would yell at Oktoberfest before downing a stiff stein of stout (ACS)
Jeans day – Sounds like the special day for your special need son Gene, to raise money (ACS)
Wilding - What takes place in public pools in certain counties (GS)
4F - Can’t/won’t be eligible for the draft (ACS)
Groupie - a kind of fish (ACS)
The African chick - Horrible name for a boat (ACS)
Inclusion rider - Snowboard for retarded kids (ACS)
The Urethra - Bad name for a car (ACS)
Mercury retrograde - when you take your index finger and shove it under your sack before you blow, and you belch it up later (ACS)
UEFA - Transsexuals playing soccer with a balled up maxi pad (GS)
Missed Connections- The worst airline ever (ACS)
Carollo - Sounds like a Tool you’d use rarely (ACS)
Brembo - that Mexican food company that makes that bread (Matt) (ACS)
Preemptive gay strike - Worst video game ever (ADS)
Futon - Chinese for bear trap (ACS)
Sexual Battery - Batteries especially made for sexual devices. Somewhere between AA and C (ACS)


Deer Bits - A venison cereal. Made of frosted deer flakes (Show?)
Coco Chanel - Nestlé’s newest coffee flavor (ACS)
Honey Dicks - Best cereal name ever (ACS)
Dawson's Beard - A pudding flavor Ace saw at Whole Foods (ACS)
Mighty Mutts - Worst breakfast cereal ever (ADS)
Chillax - A cinnamon based drink from "Hector's" country (ACS)
Black Dick - An English desert (ACS)
Tardy Digression - Sounds like a finger food..."would you like another tardy digression?" "No, I'm saving room for the main meal" (IFYWABC)
Double Bird Strike - Mixed drink created by Ace and Teresa. Made with Grey Goose, Wild Turkey, a splash of Canadian Club, and a splash of Hudson River water (ACS)
GAYtorade - A sports drink for gay people, because they lose essential body fluids (ACS)
University of Illinois At Urbana Champaign - Sounds like a carbonated drink for black people (ACS)
Flinch Fuck - Part of a nutritious breakfast, and a healthy relationship (ADS)
Phantom Punch - Something Bill Cosby gave his lady friends (ACS)
Pansy Sauce - Goes good with some shrimp (ADS)
Tilted Pillar - Kick ass IPA (AOTH)
Shaver - A good name for a miniature pastrami sandwich (Cousin Sal Show)
GPA - Something they add to children's cereal (ACS)
Stellwell's - A new low fat snack cracker (ACS)
Conchata Ferrell - A great cheese/unwanted cat (ACS)
Poopwell's - One of the worst snacks Nabisco has ever put their name on (ACS)
Belldini – Latest Taco Bell offering (ACS)
Fuzzy Zoeller – Zima with a jigger of peach schnapps (ACS)
Millennial Malaise - A sweet honey dipping sauce (ADS)
Jelani Cobb - Sounds like an Indian dish (Gina) (ACS)
Air Doodle - The very worst Super Bowl snack on the planet (ACS)
Faygala - Jewish sports drink (ACS)
Stroke Cane - Sounds like some sugary treat, mixed with a reach around (ACS)
The Silence Breakers (2) - good name for a mint (ACS)
Lesbian Squirt - Sponsor of the Dinah Shore Classic (ACS)
Son of Goose - Worst vodka ever. Comes in a plastic squeeze bottle (ACS)
Orange Hitler - Worst Hi-C flavor ever (ACS)

TV Shows/Movies

Cunt du' Jour - A great Bond villain name (ACS)
Coffee and Donuts - (Charlie Coffee III and Johnny Donetti) Johnny's a tough street wise cop whose jive talking and plays by his own rules and Charlie's super uptight (LL)
Pedoph Isle (aka) Pedophile Island - All pedophiles are sent to live on an isolated island, and a 747 full of Boy Scouts crash lands there and they have to fight to survive (Also a place) (ACS)
Anus and Eyeball - Buddy cop TV show duo (ACS)
Pussy Pioneer - John Candy's last movie (ACS)
Red Velvet - Made up movie character Clown played by Paul Giamatti. "Was secret service, and someone died on his watch. Now he's takin to clownin'." Wears a red velvet clown outfit. (ACS)
Destination Of The Semen - (Adam Ray) A movie Harrison Ford passed on twice (ACS)
Gay Eye - Movie where Adam plays Buddy McKlan, a racist homophobic mechanic who is blinded in a freak hot transmission fluid accident. He gets the donor eyes from a gay guy who perished on a moped accident in Antigua. Co-starring Larry the Cable Guy as his best friend. (Co-written by Bryan Cranston) (ACS)
Grinders - Sitcom where Jon Gruden moves in with Johnny Manziel (ACS)
Squishy Red River - Movie that started John Wayne (Show?)
Gusset And Cable - Perfect Cop buddy duo team (AOTH)
Just One Of The Gays - Stars Shia LaBeouf (ACS)
Hard Impact - Sounds like a Van Damme movie from the 90's (ACS)
Hammer Pants And Ice - Worst cop detective duo from the 80's (ACS)
Living With The Kilowatts - Adam's new animated series where they just leave toaster ovens on all day (ACS)
Keep Calm And Rape A Lot - Worst Monty Python film ever (ACS)
Medical Mishaps - New show Dave Coulier and Tawny Kitaen could host (ACS)
Roaming With Bison - Another great Bill Murray movie (ACS)
Gainesville Florida Financial Planner - Sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit (ACS)
Blame the Bee Gees - Adam's next documentary (ACS)
Adam Knees Your Dad In The Nuts - Adam's new game show (ACS)
Navigeddon - Terrorists take over all of the GPS systems of cars, and send them careening into the Grand Canyon (ACS)
Rings Of Honor - Terrorists take over Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs, and the athletes have to use their individual skills to escape. (Cameo by Randy Couture as the salty old coach) (ACS)
Endless Time/Ample Time For Backup - Adam's new Netflix series (ACS)
Tarred n' Feathered - Buddy flick starring a retarded guy and an Indian chief (Show?)
Mr. Will Doo And Can Doo - PSA Motivational cartoon bathroom characters Will Doo (Played by Will Arnette) and Can Doo is shaped like a toilet. Filmed in kitschy Clutch Cargo style animation (ADS)
Robot Lawyer - Great Phil Hartman bit (ACS)
Umpire News Network - Adam's channel with umpires reporting. Unbiased reporting (ACS)
Sofa Tard - New CW show coming soon (Matt) (AOTH)
Junior Fantasy Island - Show where kids of reckless parents are shipped off to live with Bill Cosby and Felicia Rashad (ADS)
2 And A Half Denali's - Hasn't been same since Sheen left (ACS)
So Kanye - Sitcom from the 90's (ACS)
Ridicuopothy - Sounds like a Mike Judge movie (ADS)
Master Buck - One of John Candy's most controversial movies (ACS)
LA HOTT (1) - An 80’s bar with an outdoor door seating area (ACS)
Mother Hitler - Coming to TNT. Starring Patrick Swayze's bother, Don (ACS)
Sink and Bounce - Movie about roller boogie from the 80's, starred Lil' Bow Wow (ACS)
The Debs - A made up CW network show where you just put all the hot chicks in Hollywood (ACS)
The Origin Story Of AIDS - Worst Marvel movie ever (Bryan)(ACS)
Everybody Hates Vinnie - Horrible sitcom (ACS)
Chick Clan - Good movie title (ACS)
Condo in Redondo - Best movie I ever did (ADS)
Red Lobsteria - New show Dr. Drew was talking about where African Americans form their own country (ACS)
Earthquake rehab - Reality show Dr. drew seismic expert and a civil engineer come together (Rainn Wilson) (ACS)
Rooster Jones - Great John Wayne movie. Super Fly meets True Grit (ACS)
Ernest Bigot goes to..... (ACS)
Nickels On The Job - First and only Jewish gum shoe on the job. ABC, Friday nights, 10:00 p.m. (ADS)
Solicitor General - Great Danny Kaye movie (RD)
Disjointed - Lorena Bobbitt biopic (ADS)
Habib and Company - Horrible children's show (MS)
Bobby's Room - Howie Mandel animated project from the 90's (ACS)
Page/Savage - Great cop duo show from the ‘80’s (Adam Ray) (ACS)
Paper Asshole - Great Tatum O’Neal film (ACS)
L.A. HOTT (2) - Failed Steven Bochco series pilot (ACS)
Pieces Of String Too Small To Use - Lena Dunham film from the late 90’s (ACS)
Oscar Squad - New Marvel Movie (Gina) (ACS)
Cortron/Melamine - Transformers (Gina) (ACS)
Anoscope - Worst way to see a movie (ADS)
Practical Rapist - New SNL character (Gina) (ACS)
Superfoot - Worst Marvel movie ever (Bryan) (ACS)
Celebrity Food Chain - Would be a great show (Jeff Cesario) (ACS)
Backsack and Anus - Worst cop duo ever (RS)
Korean moyle - ABC’s next sitcom (Jeff) ACS
Nanny Huntin ‘with Ted Nugent - Great reality show I’d watch (ACS)
Progressive pope - New sitcom (Gina) ACS
Nick Mancuso: Construction Fluffer - New TV Show (AONT)
Rush Blitzer - Adam’s character from his movie, “Snapper” (BSR)
The Baldwin’s and Beyond -Great reality show (RD)
The Rogue Deuce - The next Star Wars movie (ADS)
Mr. Goodbar To The Rescue - Ace loves that movie (ACS)
Wrestling Squatters - New show on YouTube Red starring Eric Stromer (AOTH)

Books/Coffee Table Books

Dade County Black Prom, 1985 (ACS)
Here Are The Pajamas We Picture You In (ACS)
Three Shitty Homes, One Washing Machine, Zero Dryers - Title of Adam's new book (Ray) (AOTH)
Chapstick And Batteries - Title of Adam's next bestselling book (ACS)
Who The Fuck Put Their Sombrero on My Keys? – Title of Adam’s next book (ACS)
Cunt With A Grunt - Adam's favorite Dr. Seuss book (PM)
You'll Never See A Cockroach Jog (PM)
Kemo Skinny Calves - Adam's new children's book (ADS)
You're Dyslexic And I'm Dumb - Adam and John Popper's collaborative next book (ACS)
I Get It If You’re GWAR - Adam's next book (ACS)
Bulk Magazine - Costco magazine that Jimmy Kimmell graced the cover of twice (ACS)
Do You Have To Take Your Top Off To Dye Your Pubes, Drew? (LL)
Glamping With Moriah - Adam's new book (ACS)
From The Mouths of Babes (Hot Chicks Not Babies) (ACS)
(The) Sweet Spot - Adam's next book (Bryan) (ACS)
I Thought Things Would Be Better When I Was Rich (ACS)
Radio Station Kitchen (ACS)
Post-it Notes In Radio Station Kitchens (ACS)
Comedy Club Green Rooms And The Sofas That Were Not Made For Them (ACS)
Jethro, the Mexican Jew - A great children's book (Gina) (ACS)
Professor and the Construction Worker -The worst children's book ever (ACS)
Willie and the Weed - Good name for a children's book (ACS)
What Black People Think White People Complain About (ACS)
Everyone Eventually Becomes The Man (ACS)
Recipe for Misery (1) - Name Of Adam’s next book (ACS)
In Defense Of Black Face - Adam’s next book (ACS)
Hurry Up And Make Sense (2) - Biography title of the Talking Heads (ACS)

Native American Names

Chief Thunderbear (LL)
Dances With Cocks (ACS)
Dances With Lipstick (ACS)
Ol' Urethra Windows (ACS)
Oxnard - Indian name meaning the balls of a bull (ACS)

V/P Names

Absorbent Rag - Good name for T's V (ACS)
Hurt Locker - Another name for T's V (ACS)
Judge's Mansion - Another name for T's G
Cmarket.com - Another name for T's V (ACS)
City of Industry - Another name for T's V (ACS)
Dutch Mook - Another name for T's V (ACS)s V
No Safe Spaces - Great name for T's V (ACS)
Hobo Stove - Another name for A's V (ACS)
Sausage Grinder - Another name for A's V (ACS)
Dixville Notch - Another name for G's V (ACS)
Snake River Canyon - Another name for G's V (ACS)
Dakota Access Pipeline - Another name for G's V (ACS)
The Holidome - Another name for G’s V (ACS)
Discovery Bay - Great name for G's V (ACS)
B.O. Box - Great name for G's V (ACS)
Sea bag - Good name for G's V (ACS)
El Portal - Great name for G's V (ACS)
Harry Belafonte - Adam's name for his junk, if he were a woman (Show?)
Top Gear - Another name for Adam’s junk (ACS)
El Gordo/King Taco - Good name for G’s V (ACS)
Port of Karachi - Good name for G’s V (ACS)
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2020.03.14 10:03 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: CEO Dark Thirty by Sarah Lazarus & Crooked Media (03/13/20)

"National emergency. Two very big words." - One very big idiot

Test Of Time

The Trump administration is finally doing the bare minimum to respond to the coronavirus epidemic, following days of blowback to its initial, spectacular failure. The new measures were partly informed, you will be comforted to know, by Jared Kushner’s father-in-law crowdsourcing ideas on Facebook for him.
As Trump announces new measures to cover his own ass, his administration has re-committed to policies that hurt the most vulnerable Americans, who are likely to be hardest impacted by COVID-19.
It shouldn’t take a week of relentless criticism to make the president agree to targeted steps to address a pandemic, but here we are. The U.S. is now in a game of catch-up, necessitated by the administration’s early testing-capacity failure, to slow COVID-19’s spread before patients overwhelm the health-care system. We hope this email finds you well, and at home.

Look No Further Than The Crooked Media

There’s another debate this weekend, and even though some things will be different (two candidates, no audience, sitting down)—some things will always stay the same (like us working late on debate night to bring you Crooked Groupthread). Tune in for all our reactions and analysis in real time as you watch, starting Sunday at 8pm EST/5pm PST → https://crooked.com/groupthread

Under The Radar

Louisiana has postponed its primary out of coronavirus concerns, making it the first state to do so. Louisiana’s Secretary of State announced that the April 4 primary will be moved to June 20, in a decision he said was made to protect citizens and poll workers. That puts the state’s primary less than a month before the July convention. “Why not change the rules to allow (or mandate) mail-in voting?” asked no one, apparently. Four states are still set to hold their primaries on Tuesday: Arizona, Florida, Ohio, and Illinois, where officials are sanitizing polling sites, and encouraging people to vote early or vote by mail. Three other states are scheduled to host primaries in April, and it remains to be seen whether they follow Louisiana’s lead.

What Else?

Stocks surged when executives announced how they would help with coronavirus efforts during Trump’s press conference, which we know is the most important outcome for Trump.
Trump claimed that Google was building a nationwide website to help people figure out whether and how to get a coronavirus test. In actuality, Google’s sister company Verily is building a trial website that will roll out in the Bay Area. Another lie he verily hath told.
The full DC Circuit Court of Appeal wiped out a smaller panel’s ruling that the House could not use the courts to enforce subpoenas of administration officials, and will rehear the case.
Bill Gates has stepped down from Microsoft’s board of directors to spend more time on his philanthropic projects.
An internal Fox News memo warned employees about the risks of COVID-19, and emphasized the network’s responsibility to provide accurate information. This might be, in a world strewn with ignored memos, the most ignored memo ever sent.
New York’s attorney general has ordered Alex Jones to knock it off with the coronavirus toothpaste. Soulja Boy, meanwhile, is getting rich selling his very normal soap, a thing we all knew Soulja Boy sold, before now.
Republican lawmakers in Florida approved a proposal to impose restrictions on ballot initiatives, after Floridians used the process to try to ban gerrymandering.
Former Tallahassee Mayor and Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum was tied to a suspected meth overdose in a Miami Beach hotel. Gillum said in a statement that he had too much to drink at a wedding, but that he has not used methamphetamines.
All 16 Dead Sea Scroll fragments at Washington, DC’s Museum of the Bibles have turned out to be modern forgeries. The fragments in the Israel Museum are definitely real, but these fakes raise serious doubts about other scroll snippets that surfaced after 2002.
Pete Buttigieg guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live! to a mostly empty studio last night. A fever dream even those of us currently without fevers can enjoy.

Be Smarter

School districts are closing across the U.S. due to the coronavirus, creating an obstacle to millions of kids who rely on school meals. Millions of students depend on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National School Meal Program, some as their only source of nutrition. No Kid Hungry estimates that 11 million children come from food-insecure homes. Individual school districts are taking their own measures to make sure students don’t go hungry, but they have to navigate around a web of federal rules to do so. If you’re looking for ways to help out during the crisis, donating to a charitable organization that’s working to feed vulnerable kids is a great place to start

Is That Hope I Feel?

As hard as the Trump administration has been whiffing it, it’s been nice to see how many city governments, companies, and individuals are stepping up. Here’s a round-up of some of the action underway:


grant 🧔🏻 on Twitter: "Gloria Gaynor washing her hands to I Will Survive is the hand washing video I didn’t know I needed"
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2020.02.19 05:04 lo0kin4truth Discussion: “Guys Quizzed on their Ladies Fail Miserably” (NT/AD discrepancies??)

I just watched Jimmie Kimmel’s Valentine’s Day themed segment on YouTube where they found several long-term hetero couples on the street, and asked the males certain questions about their female counterparts. I.e. Parents’ names, favorite things, etc. Link is here.
After watching, I was reminded of how I (NT) asked my partner (AD) the other day if he knew the name of a specific sibling. Granted, I have more than one, but I asked anyway, and he mixed up the names. I wasn’t upset and kind of expected it, having dated him over a year now.
However, alllll of the top comments from the video were straight up bashing the relationships - how could you be in a long-term relationship with someone and not know they have a specific allergy?? What their eye color is?? A lot of really intense emotions.
So, I wanted to bring the issue to you lovely folks :) I understand that my partner didn’t and still doesn’t put a lot of things about me to memory, but our relationship is still good and valid.
What do you guys think about this possibly common rift between neurotypical dating expectations and aspergers dating actuality? Is this a common issue you all come to face? Will be excited to read your stories!
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2019.12.31 05:09 Raria7 AD/DR timeline

Well people, here is the timeline, I had to do a little research (quotes) and order dates. Maybe I forgot some events, sorry, I guess I can edit.
FAQ: - Does this timeline prove that something happened between them?:........... Everything is a speculation. - There are no blind gossips or rumors in this TL, what?: No, I try to make this TL as verifiable and neutral as possible. Everything there you can google it and you'll find it. And there is a post here abt blind gossips. - Not included: several videos, red carpet, gestures, body language, ways of looking, references, similarities with Rey and Kylo ( maybe post it apart) - There is no personal point of view (I think), and only mentioned their partners if it's necessary. - Does read this timeline make you a person who glorifies cheating? No. - Are y'all going to hell for read this? No, but Father God of Reddit , forgive us.
Happy 2020!!
2015: TFA. Interviews and premieres together. AD in an interview told the first time he saw the movie was with Carrie and DR. IG's DR BB-8 cake (AD's voice?) Carrie's advice to DR at con panel: "Don't go through the crew like wildfire."
2016: Private signing AD with CelebrityAuthentics and DR with KLF. TLJ started filming. Trip to Ireland with MH, but also: tweets, chef, hotel, dinner. IG's DR full of happiness. Ig's video (we did that in Australia). DR new bf look in NY (lol) at Memorial Center. Carrie's interview "two people flirting on set with an age gap". DR asked for AD's advice on auditioning for MOTOE. July: TLJ finished filming. MOTOE started filming.
2017:Interview Driving Ms Daisy: "Besties." "One year since the last time we saw each other" "playing with my hair" . Private signing. TLJ release. Interviews: DR praising AD:"he is massive, unbreak my heart , he is big and strong and it was intense. I was thinking: Can I genuinely survive this fire? I don't know how long I can last because he's so strong", "The cast doesnt hang out much but one night AD and i had a drinky poo. " Jimmy Kimmel interview. DR cancelled Japan premiere (but spotted in London). AD cancelled China premiere.
2018:Private signing in LA (now, both KLF). Mostly back and forth: DR's pics with TB, AD at Cannes w/o JT, pics with O.K and party pics. London, pics with TB. TROS started filming. OI's party "London for Guatemala" Tweets (not fans) and blurry pics of them. Special Guest: TB. AD on SNL without his wedding ring (?).
2019:DR was spotted in NY in New Year. AD changes his PR firm, same as DR. AD's awards season: Bafta (O.K sad pics). Chicago: DR's birthday, April D23 SW Celebration, engagement ring, TB presented her as his fiancee (stylist's IG). Interviews "Ophelia": "I sort of feel like waiting outside stage door of Burn This and giving this to Adam" "grumpy dark lord" Interviews Celebration: "Adam is lurking in a corner so he’s not here today" "Not good at: Meeting people for the first time. AD was a tough but to crack; it took a film." November: Tweet about AD and DR having lunch. DR about the throne scene in TLJ (fireman's hold, so agressive).AD in a Q&A mentioned the song Moonriver. TROS release. Joonas pic.
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2019.12.11 16:29 simonthedlgger 2019 /r/popheads Album of the Year #11: Angel Olsen - All Mirrors

Artist: Angel Olsen
Album: All Mirrors (Oct. 4, 2019; Jagjaguwar)
Apple Music
All this trouble trying to catch right up with me....
On October 2nd, 2019, things changed. Under transdimensional stage lighting in Studio 6B of 30 Rockefeller Center, New York City, Angel Olsen and an ensemble dressed in black stood before us and began to perform the second song, first single, and the title track from the St. Louis native’s fourth full length album, All Mirrors.
Swaying gently among shadow and light, she sings, “I've been watching all of my past repeating…. There's no ending, and when I stop pretending….” It’s a stark yet igniting opening. Angel could go anywhere. The strings and backup vocalists might break into cozy country pop, or bust out a folk or big band standard. Until suddenly, the other shoe drops. Onto your throat. And remains there for the rest of time.
died to stay there...never have to leave there….”
To say Angel does anything but unleash this goth-alien melody would be a trivialization. Now, a chilling orchestral accompaniment gathers tension, the bass leaps and dives with prog grandeur as she professes: “I keep moving, knowing that someday I’ll be standing, facing, all mirrors are erasing. Losing beauty, at least at times it knew me….”
From there, “All Mirrors” launches with the tempo of someone lost in a maze for a long time, still searching for a way out. It is a tale of the self and the other, of strangers and the multitudes we contain but cannot comprehend. It’s a song about navigating layers, and a physical precursor to the wall of sound you’ll sometimes need to swim through to find Angel at the bottom of this dense LP, “buried alive” but always cutting to the core, per usual.
Back in 6B, synth and strings blend, an unlikely marriage on display throughout the album, evoking “classical” and “extraterrestrial” at once, while Angel’s voice manages to hang above the scarcely controlled chaos, enfolded by peaking soundwaves but powerful, versatile as ever.
I’d like to think this performance of “All Mirrors” has been stricken from the Internet in a futile attempt to curb the rise of a growing cult, one dedicated to the dramatic swell of strings, the neoclassical moon druid aesthetic, to the otherworldly voice at the center of its universe.
On October 2nd, this rendition of “All Mirrors,” like planets about a star, revolved around Angel’s achingly authentic vocal, her spiked headdress and starless gown, the dynamism of her driving artistic force.
(a more than serviceable substitute)
Angel Olsen grew up imagining what life was like as an adolescent in the 1930’s and 50’s. The adopted child of an older foster family, her initial dreams of pop stardom gave way to introversion and an interest in noise music and punk. Over time, she learned the piano and guitar and began writing her own music. This is not biographic minutiae, but important elements of the sprawling, sometimes tumultuous sound that is All Mirrors, Olsen’s definitive work to date.
As a professional musician, she released an EP and debut album, Half Way Home, on Bathetic Records before signing with iconic indie Jagjaguwar and putting out two popular and critically acclaimed records, Burn Your Fire for No Witness in 2014 and My Woman in 2016 (anyone unfamiliar with Olsen's work should listen to "Sister," a grand gesture of a song, post haste). Her sound has expanded over time, with All Mirrors, released October 4, 2019, standing as her boldest, most complex production yet.
The album was originally the artist's attempt to reconnect with herself through her earlier folk-oriented sound and its reliance on bare bones songwriting. Sessions took place mostly solo, Angel writing and recording alone in the remote wilds of northwest Washington state. Though many of these songs, if not all, ended up on All Mirrors, the end results may go unheard, as Olsen reimagined the entire album with producer John Congleton and a live, 12 piece string section. At the same time, Olsen expands on the rock and synth pop elements she had introduced on her more recent records, creating a brash, glorious, and, above all else, truly unique soundscape for All Mirrors.
To forget you is too hard, there's still so much left to recover....
The second single off All Mirrors, “Lark”, took years for Olsen to complete. It has a brighter tone than the borderline occult “All Mirrors,” but still unfolds with the tension of a giant monster waking from a long slumber -- again, Angel can only restrain herself a few lines before keying up the register and annihilating listeners at their most vulnerable: “If only we could start again, pretending we don't know each other. I could not come back the same; this city's changed, it's not what it was back when you loved me.” The song is a call to strength, a song from a woman who refused to be made smaller by partners who cannot support her vision despite their claims to the contrary ("The way you scream like something else is the matter!").
In the video, Angel walks alone. Affecting cinematography captures her alone on city and suburban streets at dusk and dawn, wandering alone on a green mountain and through a sheltering forest. It is not until the 3:33 mark that we see another person, a male figure walking away from Angel as she pursues, for a moment, then lets him go, while the vocal murmurs, “Baby, I was there and I held him, right there where no one else could see.” The degree of painfully nostalgic sentiment loaded into this video, into “Lark,” an easy song of the year candidate, is destructive. Fair warning.
Love free, take me....
Non-single highlights from All Mirrors must begin with “New Love Cassette.” The vocal melody, over a lofi groove turned to 11, feels a serpent coiling. “Gonna love you, true you,” is such a searing, pristine encapsulation of Olsen’s voice; then her delivery drops to huskily offer, “When you're out of touch and you don't know how, gonna give you my hands, gonna show you now.” As a sequence, it’s breathtaking.
“Spring” is a song like syrup being poured on a warm summer morning. The bounce reminds me, for whatever reason, of Alice in Wonderland (1951). Where were you when you first heard Angel coo, “Remember when we said we’d never have children? I’m holding your baby now that we’re older.” It manages to be precious, inspiring, and sardonic in equal measures.
“What It Is” drives. The strings are killer on a record living off of killer strings. “Impasse” hovers over a lake at midnight; a coven sings along as Angel chants “Go on ahead, tell your friends I was wrong,” like a dare you would be ill advised to accept. On “Tonight,” Angel interpolates cloying love song trappings with a simple, highly effective burn to another partner more interested in suffocating Angel than supporting her vision for herself, delivered eloquently over a hushed arrangement, but a titanic burn nonetheless.
Angel recently brought “Chance” and “Summer” to Jimmy Kimmel Live. The latter can be found at the heart of All Mirrors, another showcase of string and synth stabbing in symbiotic unison, though this time sounding more, as Angel herself describes it, like "flying arrows and gunfire." The way the snare rolls in after she sings, “And then one moment I was blown away, and there was nothing left that I could say, or do,” is one of my favorite musical microcosms this year. “Chance,” meanwhile, closes the record as a plaintive piano ballad that grows into retro slow dance music, one of the finest stretches any indie slow jam has enjoyed in quite some time. As she absolutely belts, truly slays, “I wish I could un-see some things that gave me life, I wish I could un-know some things that told me so, I wish I could believe all that's been promised me,” you think All Mirrors might damn well be aoty, if you’re thinking anything at all.
Some things happen for a reason.
Cancel all these plans I'm dreaming,
living for something that's real.
You walked in and now I feel.
--Too Easy
It's easy when you're passionate,
it's easy when you know your way around.
It's easy when you love something.
It's easy if you know exactly how.
--What It Is
I like the air that I breathe,
I like the thoughts that I think,
I like the life that I lead
without you.
It's hard to say forever, love.
Forever’s just so far.
Why don't you say you're with me now
with all of your heart?
Try and understand, if we got to know each other...how rare is that?
To paint a picture of this album would be impossible. All Mirrors is a billowing plume of midnight black smoke, or, as Stevie puts it, “a great dark wing within the wings of a storm.” Impenetrable, always moving. Yet, underneath the dark theatrics, the thunder and beautiful fire, the primal blasts of noise, the bristling fuzz, there is genuine, affecting emotion. Those bare bone folk songs about the self. There is Angel, an uncompromised creative at the height of her abilities. All Mirrors. Great record.
Angel did a comprehensive breakdown of every song on the record with Pitchfork.
+How do you feel about Angel’s development as an artist, particularly in terms of her consistently expanding production (on a related note, are you interested in hearing the minimal/acoustic version of this album as it was initially recorded, which Olsen has teased as a possibility)?
+Similarly, where do you want Angel to go next vs. what do you predict her upcoming era will sound like?
+What do you think of the production on this record, specifically in regards to the occasionally abrasive volume? I love this record but have not heard so much clipping on a professional release in..ever?
+Do you feel like All Mirrors, Norman Fucking Rockwell!, and Titanic Rising form a holy trinity of sorts?
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2019.12.05 02:06 tidalgamingnews Henry Cavill shows off a Witcher fight scene on Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Clip (Main Article Page)
The Witcher star Henry Cavill swung by Jimmy Kimmel recently to talk about how he became a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, being shamed into doing his own stunts by Tom Cruise, and taking part in Thanksgiving despite being British. He also spent a bit of time talking about The Witcher series on Netflix, and showed off a brief clip of sword-swinging action and an appearance by a very strange-looking partner.
The Witcher clip begins at 6:20 if you want to get straight to the goods, and yes, it's very short. I can't shake the feeling that it's not entirely convincing, either. Maybe I'm still locked into the raw brutality of the Hound going out for a nice chicken dinner, but this brawl hits me as a little too choreographed and bloodless. Not that it's possible to make any sort of judgment based on such a short clip, but the world of The Witcher is a rough and ugly one, and I really hope that carries over in full force to the Netflix series, even in the nice neighborhoods.
The Witcher series on Netflix is based on Andrzej Sapkowski's books, but Cavill said during the interview bit that he actually became a Geralt fan through the videogames.
"I played the games—they released a game called Witcher 3 about five years ago now. Played that game to death," he explained. "Then I heard it was coming out—I met the showrunner, and that's when I learned there were books. Read the books and realized that I was missing out on a whole world of the stuff. Because I'd been into the fantasy genre since I was a kid—since before I could read, my dad was reading me fantasy books."
Cavill also recently paid tribute to the work of Geralt voice actor Doug Cockle, saying that the character's voice in The Witcher 3 served as an inspiration for his take on the character. I think that really comes through in The Witcher trailer Netflix released in October: Cavill doesn't say much, but when he does speak his vocal intonations are very similar to Cockle's.
(Speaking of vocal intonations, I think this is the first time I've heard Cavill speaking in his native accent. I had no idea he was English.)
The Witcher debuts on Netflix on December 20. That's still more than two weeks away, but it's already been renewed for a second season.
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2019.11.22 15:52 moorekom On attraction and arousal

Disclaimer: This is a continuation of the post here. The opinions here are all mine. Nothing is set in stone. Please feel free to bring a new perspective in the comments if you disagree with anything.
There is a premise in pop culture that men lust after youth and beauty and that is the reason men of all ages go after young women and avoid “mature women”; that men are infantile creatures who cannot control their lust and never grew out of it like women do after their turn at the CC; that men are creeps/pedophiles to be attracted to younger women. The entire premise is constructed on the assumption that men are predominantly controlled by their lust and that men and women are equal and hence they look for the same things at the same time/age. But we know that this is not true.
For men and women to fall in love, there are two components that need to exist: arousal and attraction. While arousal is mostly related to the alpha side of the spectrum (looks, dominance, power, confidence etc.), attraction is dependent on the beta side of the spectrum (provision, status, ability to pair bond, “positive vibes”, nice car, nice house etc). Modern societies, led by feminism, intentionally make different concepts look synonymous: innocence vs being dumb, freedom vs lack of restraint, submissiveness vs subjugation, maturity vs damaged, confidence vs arrogance etc. In the same vein, it is common for women to conflate attraction & arousal and claim that men are just infantile creatures who never grew up. This is partly because women are prone to confusing arousal and attraction, or more generally, confusing arousal for attraction: think of every woman who goes gaga over a handsome bad boy and is cocksure that she will be able to redeem him.
When women give you a list of attractive qualities they like, they are only describing one part of their spectrum. The precursor to that list is that they need to find you arousing first for any of that to work. Although this combination of attraction and arousal is what women look for, they do err on the side of arousal most of the time because they think that they can develop attractive qualities in men by virtue of their pussy alone.
This is why locking down an alpha fucks and turning him into an alpha bucks is every woman’s dream (cue “He was abusive”). This is also why women use the term "fuckboi" as an insult. It is their attempt at reframing the relationship (or to be more precise, the pump and dump) as the guy being arousing enough but not attractive enough. Of course, this is an attempt to shift the focus from the damage to their value such relationships cause to the lack of certain qualities they desired in the men they chose.
There are indeed times when you can get a woman attracted to you first and then get her aroused after. Matter of fact, this is how pre-selection works: When she looks at you being in demand, she goes “There must be something”. People with social game or club game experience know that the first thing you need to do (apart from maximizing your looks) is to make friends who will have your back and serve as the deciding factor in the pre-selection process within that venue. Your reputation matters in your social circle and with that bartender. Most PUAs and players know this very well and cultivate their hunting field for a long time, whether this hunting field be their social circle, clubs or OLD. Even some PUAs who do their day-gaming know their venues. While it is possible to meet a random girl in the street and have enough game in you to make her go out with you, that effort would be better spent on a venue or a social circle itself. While it is very possible for you to get a girl through attraction or arousal alone, this does not always work and is not usually sustainable long term.
Women want protection, provision and validation from a man. What kind of man she goes for depends on what she is most necessitous for at that point of time in her life. Young girls who do not need for protection and provision, go for validation (her own ego and societal/friend circle approval) aka Alpha fucks. Once she graduates college, is on her own and is still young, this focus shifts to obtaining herself an Alpha Bucks who is the holy trinity of all her needs. As she fails to get herself an Alpha bucks (or if she fails to convert an alpha fucks into an alpha bucks), her needs transition into a beta bucks not just because she is now “bored with those meaningless relationships and desire a real man who will treat her the way she deserves to be treated”, but also because she needs to prove her worth to the society that she could get commitment from some man. Women who failed to secure themselves an alpha man to care for them try to become the alpha in their future relationships with this some man. This is why sluts are the hardest to please and require the most game out of anyone and rebrand themselves as “Queens” who deserve a king to treat them right. Although they claim they want a king, notice that they do not really want a King because such men understand natural hierarchy and look for women who submit to them as opposed to women who only want to be chased, catered to and want a man to submit to them.
While women innately understand that being a fuckdoll (even if she is a beautiful one at that) or a successful career girl (and a ball busting one at that) is not enough, they cannot admit to it openly because of their emotional investment, ego and the social image they have presented of themselves to fellow women. Since pop culture wisdom ascertains that men do not (or should not) find femininity/submissiveness sexy and that it constitutes one half of the spectrum for men, women rely on the other half of the spectrum to explain to themselves and to others that the fault is not with them but with the men who found them inadequate.
This is also how women conflate their SMV and their RMV (or even MMV) as the same. Women who are being pumped and dumped present it to mean that since they are being found arousing enough for sex, they must be attractive enough for a relationship as well. They do not admit the difference between SMV and MMV because they have taken the stance that arousal and attraction are the same and that most of their qualities arise from the arousal part of the spectrum. This is why they objectify themselves sexually and do not have any qualities to speak of when considered as a marriage potential. Since they have distilled themselves down to only one part of the spectrum, all they have to sell is sex, how good they are at it and how good they look. On the other hand, the career girl types insist on their education, maturity, job, salary etc. being sexy to a man. The common mistake that they make is either to assume that the qualities that are attractive to a man are the same qualities that will be attractive in them or that these qualities not only make them attractive to a man, it ought to make them sexy to a man as well.
There are not many great women chess players in life. The strategy women employ in life and in dating is that of gradual take over. Most women do not start out with the intention to ruin your life. But they might end up doing it if you let them have the power to do it. Women do not have an active game of their own. Theirs is a much more passive strategy. Women often like to characterize themselves as the choosers. Some women even take a perverse pride in rejecting men outwardly. But what is often not talked about is how men constantly reject women inwardly. For a woman to reject (or accept) a guy, she needs to be approached first by a man who finds her worthy enough of an approach. Men hunt. Women chose from the buffet that is available to them. They do not know how to hunt themselves. Men go out and approach women they like. Women go out in the hopes that someone they like will approach them. When women find themselves at the presence of a high value man, their default notion of game involves sex: giving it up in the hopes of obtaining a relationship, putting it on tap to make you chase her or a combination in hopes of conditioning your behavior. Women's approach, to anything, in life is passive. Women are not builders. And when faced with a problem where they have to build up something for the benefit of themselves and others, their default reactions are to to bail, to seek out men who can, to demand that men perform and submit.
The essence of girl game that leads to the happiness for both men and women is submission. The flip side to this is manipulation that most women prefer which aims at their own happiness in the short term. Such women will not be happy in the long term as they are not being natural to their biology in the first place. A woman who likes you and wants to submit to you will prefer to act cute and childlike with you. Women are at their best when they are like that. Men love their women by providing for them and taking care of them. Women love their men by devoting themselves to them. When women devote themselves to you like that and submit to you, there is nothing you can not do or will not do for her. And there is nothing she won't do for you. This is why we hear stories about some girlfriends going as far as to help their convict boyfriends escape from the back of a cop car and why some older married couples are very protective of each other and would do anything for each other.
While it is common knowledge in the manosphere that women act like children with the men they love, the other part that is not often talked about is the devotion and the effort to please that comes with it. The pop culture wisdom of chasing women and persisting in your chase to make them fall in love with you is very calculated and unnatural. Dalrock has covered extensively about how romance has become the fundamental and "moral" force for marriage in the whole world. He also has covered about how this "romance" is a specific version of romance: one of chivalry where you chase her and be a servant to her. This is so that the frame of the relationship is set a certain way from the very beginning, contrary to what every religion and age old wisdom teaches us to do. A woman's love, in itself, is not very useful to a man unless it is also accompanied with the other aspect that is necessary for devotion: respect. It does not matter if a woman loves you or claims to love you. Unless she puts in effort and shows respect and devotion, she's no better than a petulant kid and she will come with all the typical troubles that comes with such a kid. It won't be long before you get tired of her childlike behavior and the additional burden of having to clean up after her mess.
One of the pranks that Jimmy Kimmel likes to do for Halloween is to ask parents to tell their kids that they ate all the candy and to record their reaction. As you might expect, most kids became very demanding and rude when they were told this. A few threw tantrums and a very few accepted it maturely and gracefully. Needless to say, these few kids were lauded for their mature, selfless behavior and the parents were given huge recognition for raising these kids right. And yet, when it comes to women, not only are we told the exact opposite, huge amounts of time, money and energy has been spent to teach and normalize specific, detrimental behaviors such as defiance, selfishness, self-destruction, combativeness, enmity, narcissism etc. Not only can we not hold these women responsible, we can not even call them out lest we be labeled as misogynists, sexists and patriarchal pieces of shit.
Men value beauty, youth and femininity/submissiveness. The personality of a woman matters to men only in this context. Men do not care if a girl is funny/badass/adventurous while looking for a life partner. While these are nice to have in the right amount, they are not necessarily essential. The main concern is her agreeableness, kindness, caring nature and selflessness. What men look for in women for sex (easy availability) is not the same as what they will look for in women for relationship/marriage (submissiveness). A girl who is good with kids is worth more than your feminist harpy who demands that she is a queen and her arrogance confidence makes her sexy to a man.
Women look for mastery in men. Men look for innocence in their women. While women want a ready-made product, men are just fine with pliable raw material. In fact, men enjoy molding a woman into his woman, if she is submissive and welcoming of that process. Talk to any man who built his own equipment, whatever it may be, and you will see the sense of ownership he has over it and the concern he has for it. “Maturity” on a woman is a useless thing to a man because it robs both the man and the woman of the bond that comes with this master-apprentice dynamic (and the teaching process in general). Men want to teach women and to build them up to the high standards that they have. Women want to submit to these guys and to prove to themselves and the men that they are high quality themselves. Women who want to purposefully deny men of this are not only acting contrary to evolution (and their innate biology), they are devising their own misery.
While the fundamental and defining characteristic of feminism is defiance, the fundamental and defining strategy of female sexual strategy is submission. All the standards she has is only there to justify to herself who she would feel comfortable submitting herself to. There is a reason why religion demanded unquestioning loyalty from wives towards husbands and that is also why the feminist doctrine is an active attempt at refusing to submit. Society (aka feminism) has taught women that if you want to be a strong woman, you need to defy what is expected of you and what you are biologically programmed to do. Look at anything a woman wants these days and you should be able to see it fit this exact pattern.
Rather than trying to heal the unhealthy and the unlucky, it is best to avoid these people. It is never a good idea to chase women, especially women who desire to be chased. If you chase excellence, women will chase you. Any woman who is trying to set the standard or is unwilling to submit to your standard is a woman not worth your time.
Girls in love behave like betas. They will be happy to see you, they will be clingy, and they will change themselves to please you. Whether they admit it or not, women want to submit to a guy who they think is better than them. While a modern woman acts like she wants to be equal to a guy, deep down she desires a man who will guide her through life and love her. While women claim that feminism is all about being “equal, strong and independent”, notice that it is just a tool they use to free themselves off of any commitments from beta men so that they can they can pursue an alpha man. Even if hookup culture were to go away tomorrow and women continue to educate themselves, they will still face similar issues that they face today when it comes to marriage. Remember that if a woman wants to marry a CEO, she joins a company. This is the true utility of feminism: to free women from beta commitment and to present them with an opportunity for an Apex man she would not have a chance otherwise.
We all know of the effort in popular culture to gangster up women to behave like men and for men to behave like women. Remember that feminism promotes women to be free to abuse explore their options by prescribing to rely on arousal only. While women love to be chased, they are only happy when they are chasing an apex man. Even though they might not realize it consciously, they act subconsciously to reinforce this. Shit testing is one such test mechanism to see if you’re chasing her or if she is chasing you. If it is the former, you will be punished for it. If it is the latter, you will rewarded with compliance, submission and devotion. While women think that they need a master and a lover at the same time, they desire a master above all else. This is especially true in committed relationships. One of the main reasons why we look down on women who go after bad boys is because:
  • it reveals their low character,
  • it tells men that they just relied on their arousal to get involved with a man,
  • tells men that they desire to be chased and courted more than to be in a meaningful relationship with a man. CC in this regard does more damage than good, as it leaves women continually seeking a lover (or their expectation of the master that they are looking for is so high, it is almost impossible to attain).
The choice men have in dating these days is pretty simple: exclusivity or sharing. But exclusivity in dating is only temporary. It's not for life as marriage is and it does not come with the same benefits a traditional marriage comes with. Any signs of non-compliance, unwillingness to please, bitchiness etc. and she should be dropped without even a consideration. Be aware and know how to vet girls so that you can distinguish girls who like you from girls who are trying to present themselves as an innocent little thing in the hopes of manipulating unaware men into slavery and subjugation. While most women will try to assert their supposed superiority over men, certain others will pretend to submit in their time of need. Do not help people who do not ask for your help and would not be appreciative of it. Do not commit to people who are unworthy of commitment. Women who go against their innate biology are going to be miserable and are not your concern. It does not matter if they end up asking the big question (and most of them will eventually). Do what is best for you and yours.
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2019.10.03 02:37 cheesecake_in_denial 20 week anatomy scan: complex congenital heart defect

So we had our anatomy scan in Maternal Fetal Medicine at exactly 20 weeks today. Everything looked good, she was a little on the small side, but within the normal range, they said. Then the doctor broke the news: our Eleanor Josephine (Ellie Jo) most likely has a complex congenital heart defect called tetralogy of fallot with pulmonary atresia, ToF with PA. Jimmy Kimmel's son has this, he spoke on his show about it recently.
Edit: I had a finger prick blood test done at 12 weeks for chromosomal abnormalities, and all the results came back very low risk. The doctor wants to double check and took my blood today to do the Harmony test which is more specific. He said we should also think about doing an amniocentesis, but I'm not entirely sure about that, because of the risks. He wants to make sure the heart defect is not a result of a chromosomal abnormality.
In two weeks we go to the special pediatric cardiologist for an echo. Then two weeks after that, we see the MFM again. I have to be transferred from my midwife to an OBGYN, with more checkups and more ultrasounds.
I can't deliver at our regular hospital because they're not equipped with a surgeon to do the surgery Ellie will require after birth. We live right outside of Chicago, so we have a lot of resources and hospitals that have kick-ass surgeons.
At first, my partner and I were terrified, like downright sobbing in the hospital, holding each other. After speaking with friends and family and researching the condition, we have realized how common heart defects are and how successful these surgeries can be most of the time, we feel less alone and a little bit better. We are still overwhelmed and feeling really sad, mourning the loss of the "healthy" baby, my "normal" birth with my midwife, and the low-risk pregnancy we thought we had.
I just wanted to share, this is such an intense and emotional experience and I don't want to feel alone, or anyone else to feel alone if they're going through something similar.
I really, truly hope our Elle can come through this strong and tough, like the fighter I know she is. We have a five year old who can't wait to be a big sister, and anything that could possibly make this not happen is so, so scary. We had an ectopic pregnancy happen literally this month last year, which was so hard to go through...and now this.
Pregnancy is hard.
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2019.10.03 02:36 cheesecake_in_denial 20 week anatomy scan: complex congenital heart defect

So we had our anatomy scan in Maternal Fetal Medicine at exactly 20 weeks today. Everything looked good, she was a little on the small side, but within the normal range, they said. Then the doctor broke the news: our Eleanor Josephine (Ellie Jo) most likely has a complex congenital heart defect called tetralogy of fallot with pulmonary atresia, ToF with PA. Jimmy Kimmel's son has this, he spoke on his show about it recently.
Edit: I had a finger prick blood test done at 12 weeks for chromosomal abnormalities, and all the results came back very low risk. The doctor wants to double check and took my blood today to do the Harmony test which is more specific. He said we should also think about doing an amniocentesis, but I'm not entirely sure about that, because of the risks. He wants to make sure the heart defect is not a result of a chromosomal abnormality
In two weeks we go to the special pediatric cardiologist for an echo. Then two weeks after that, we see the MFM again. I have to be transferred from my midwife to an OBGYN, with more checkups and more ultrasounds.
I can't deliver at our regular hospital because they're not equipped with a surgeon to do the surgery Ellie will require after birth. We live right outside of Chicago, so we have a lot of resources and hospitals that have kick-ass surgeons.
At first, my partner and I were terrified, like downright sobbing in the hospital, holding each other. After speaking with friends and family and researching the condition, we have realized how common heart defects are and how successful these surgeries can be most of the time, we feel less alone and a little bit better. We are still overwhelmed and feeling really sad, mourning the loss of the "healthy" baby, my "normal" birth with my midwife, and the low-risk pregnancy we thought we had.
I just wanted to share, this is such an intense and emotional experience and I don't want to feel alone, or anyone else to feel alone if they're going through something similar.
I really, truly hope our Elle can come through this strong and tough, like the fighter I know she is. We have a five year old who can't wait to be a big sister, and anything that could possibly make this not happen is so, so scary. We had an ectopic pregnancy happen literally this month last year, which was so hard to go through...and now this.
Pregnancy is hard.
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2019.07.27 21:28 FaradaySaint Effort Post: Where the 2016 Republicans now? And are these mega-primaries a good idea?

Seeing how many Democrats are running for President with slim chances of winning, I wondered what happens to all those who don’t make it. When I went back to see where the 2016 Republican candidates are, I was surprised to find only this short Business Insider article.
So, I’ve written a summary of all the 16 GOP candidates who weren’t elected President: what they did before the campaign, and where they are now. Afterwards, I discuss the comparisons between this primary and the 2020 Democrats, followed by an analysis of whether these mega-primaries are beneficial to the candidates and to the voters. (I had to include this in the comments, since the many links were pushing this post over the character limit)
If you’d like to skip to the analysis at the end, the TL;DR of these 16 bios is this:
10 of them were holding elected office at the time, and only 4 (all Senators) remain. The other 6 (all governors) have moved on to other pursuits, and only Rick Perry (Secretary of Energy) is still in public office. Of the 6 who were not in public office during the campaign, only Ben Carson (HUD secretary) is now in a government position.
Ted Cruz
Cruz assisted in the 2000 Bush Presidential campaign, helping draft legal strategy for the Florida recount. He served as U.S. Associate Deputy Attorney General until 2003, and as Texas Solicitor General from 2003-2008. He returned to private practice until he was elected Senator in 2012. He became famous for his role in the 2013 government shutdown, where his main goal was to defund the Affordable Care Act. He was seen as the most conservative candidate in the primary, and he had little support from GOP leadership. After winning the Iowa caucus, he maintained his position as the second-most popular candidate behind Donald Trump, winning 11 states and over 7.8 million votes (compared to Trump’s 14 million). He and Donald Trump repeatedly attacked each other personally. In a last-ditch effort to gain support, he chose Carly Fiorina to be his running mate as vice president and had several of the other failed primary candidates endorsing him. He dropped out of the race in early May 2016, when there was no longer a path to victory.
Cruz eventually endorsed Donald Trump for president, and the two have since been very supportive of each other. He has been one of the most visible Republicans in the Senate, playing Jimmy Kimmel in a charity basketball game and winning reelection in a closely fought race against Congressman Beto O’Rourke. He has also grown a widely-discussed beard.
John Kasich
Kasich served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1983-2001, where he was a “hawkish” member of the Armed Forces Committee and chair of the House Budget Committee, focused on reducing tax loopholes and balancing the budget. After a brief campaign for president in 2000 he worked for Fox News and Lehman Brothers. He won a close election for Ohio governor in 2010 with Tea Party support. His popularity grew as he went on to win 86 of 88 counties in his 2014 reelection. In the 2016 campaign, he appealed to many moderates as a voice of reason, but he was seen as too liberal by most Republicans and too conservative by Democrats. Despite his lack of support, he stayed in the race long enough to win over 4 million votes, buy only won the state of Ohio.
He refused to endorse Donald Trump, writing in John McCain as his vote and publishing a book on rising above Trump’s divisive rhetoric. He finished his term as governor with many assuming he would run for president again, either as a Republican or Independent. He continues to be outspoken on political events as a senior political commentator for CNN.
Marco Rubio
Rubio moved from state politics to the U.S. Senate in 2010 when Tea Party support allowed him to defeat former governor Charlie Crist for the republican nomination and in the general election when Crist ran as an independent. Rubio was part of several major Senate bills, most notably the bipartisan gang of eight immigration reform. Rubio was vetted as a possible running mate for Mitt Romney in 2012. He was also well-known for his awkward "water-bottle" moment" during his 2013 response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech. Despite his name recognition and charisma, his campaign never resonated enough to make him anyone’s first choice. He received 3.5 million votes but dropped out of the race after failing to win his home state of Florida.
Marco Rubio eventually endorsed Donald Trump, despite their numerous personal attacks during the campaign. He has since been an enthusiastic supporter of the President. He won reelection to the Senate in 2016, but has maintained a lower profile this term. One prominent moment was a CNN town hall following the school shooting in Parkland, where Rubio was repeatedly booed for refusing to denounce the NRA and his past gun positions.
Ben Carson
Dr. Carson was appointed chief of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1984, rising to fame in 1987 with a 70-member surgery that separated conjoined twins. He then became a well-known motivational speaker and author, and his biography was made into a movie. His journey into the conservative movement began in 2013, when he was chosen as the keynote speaker of the National Prayer Breakfast, and he used the opportunity to criticize Barack Obama’s healthcare agenda. Ben Carson was well-liked by primary voters, and was even ahead of Donald Trump in some November 2015 polls, but he made several strange statements, leading many (including Donald Trump) to question the credibility of his autobiography and his competence in understanding political issues. His "super-low energy" campaign ended in early March with 850,000 votes and only 7 delegates.
Carson almost immediately endorsed Donald Trump, asserting that Trump was much wiser more willing to listen than people assumed. He became chair of a group encouraging Christians to vote and was closely involved with the Trump campaign. After making the perplexing statement that he wouldn’t be qualified to run a government agency, he accepted a position as secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He has been a committed supporter of the President, despite $6.2 billion in cuts to HUD. He made the news recently when he seemed to be unfamiliar with the term REO, mistaking it for the Oreo cookie.
Jeb Bush
Bush, the son and brother of former presidents, had a successful business career in Venezuela and Miami until he decided to run for governor of Florida in 1994. He was unsuccessful in that first attempt, but his pragmatic policies allowed him to win the following two elections. He returned to private business until declaring his candidacy in June 2015. While Bush was initially a well-connected frontrunner who raised a lot of cash, it was clear that he never generated much enthusiasm from the public. Donald Trump attacked him the most on Twitter, and his campaign never found a way to respond. He believed the party had shifted too far to the right, but seemed to lose moderate support to John Kasich. With only 280,000 votes, he never made it above 4th in any state primary. The most enduring part of his campaign may have been his sad request that an audience would "Please clap."
Bush supported Cruz during the primaries, but refused to vote for either candidate in the general election. He has stated that he will not seek another elected office but continue being involved in business. He became President of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, where current Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had been a board member. He hopes that a Republican will challenge Donald Trump in the 2020 primary.
Rand Paul
Rand Paul is the son of libertarian congressman Ron Paul, and he assisted each of his father’s three presidential campaigns. He was an opthamologist from 1993 until 2010, when he decided to run for Senate, after Jim Bunning declined to seek reelection. Paul’s policies aligned well with the Tea Party, and he defeated the attorney general by 12 percentage points. During his time in the Senate, he has called for many drastic budget cuts, privacy protections from the government, and limiting military intervention, including a 13-hour filibuster to protest the Obama administration’s drone program. Paul was a presidential frontrunner in CPAC straw polls. He used humorous social media and university visits to try and win support from younger voters, but as voters became more concerned about solving foreign crises, Paul’s isolationist views prevented him from breaking into the upper ranks. He dropped out after only receiving 10,000 votes in the Iowa primary.
Kentucky had experienced controversy about Paul being a candidate for President and Senate since 2014, but he dropped out of the presidential race before that became an issue, easily winning reelection. Paul endorsed Donald Trump in 2016 and they have had a friendly working relationship. In 2017, a neighbor attacked him and broke five of his ribs. He continues to be a staunch proponent of limiting spending, most recently drawing the ire of many public figures when he blocked Kirsten Gillibrand’s motion for unanimous consent on compensation for 9/11 victims and first responders.
Chris Christie
Christie became an attorney in 1987, a partner at his law firm in 1993, and the U.S. attorney for New Jersey in 2002. He won a close gubernatorial election in 2009. He focused on cutting spending, and his popularity continued to grow after his response to Hurricane Sandy, allowing him to be elected head of the Republican Governors Association. He quickly became one of the least popular governors after several controversies, such as "Bridgegate." His low approval ratings did not improve nationwide, where many voters saw him as the most liberal candidate in the primary. He received less than 60,000 votes and won no delegates.
Christie was eager to stand behind Donald Trump. He did not receive a position in the administration, though he claims he was offered multiple cabinet-level positions, but refused any except VP or attorney general. After finishing his term as governor, he joined ABC News as a contributor and wrote a book about his strong relationship with the President, which criticized the Kushners and others in the administration.
Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee was a Southern Baptist pastor for 12 years. In 1992, his self-funded campaign lost by 20% to incumbent U.S. Senator from Arkansas, Dale Bumpers. When Governor Bill Clinton was elected President, Lt. Gov. Jim Guy Tucker became Governor, and Huckabee won a special election to become Lieutenant Governor. Huckabee assumed the position of Governor when Tucker was convicted for involvement in the Whitewater scandal. Huckabee was popular enough to win reelection as Governor twice. He came in 3rd in the 2008 Republican Presidential Primary, and hosted an eponymous Fox News show until attempting to run for President in 2016. Despite his name recognition, his base never grew beyond southern Evangelicals, and he began to support Donald Trump during the televised debates.
Huckabee was offered a position in Trump’s cabinet but claimed to turn it down. His daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was the President’s press secretary for 2 ½ years. Mike Huckabee’s TV show is the highest rated on the Christian channel TBN, and he remains a vocal supporter of President Trump.
Carly Fiorina
Carly Fiorina became AT&T’s first female vice president in 1990. She then led its spinoff, Lucent Technologies, to rapid growth, increasing its stock price by ten times. In 1999, Hewlett-Packard chose her to be the first female CEO of a Dow 30 company. Her time at HP was tumultuous, with controversial mergers and unwelcome changes to company culture. She was forced to resign in 2005 and has been called one of the worst CEOs of her time. She worked with several businesses before deciding to focus on philanthropic work. She was an economic advisor to the 2008 McCain campaign and chairman of the CIA External Advisory board. She was the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in 2010, despite her embarrassing "Demon Sheep" ad about rival Tom Campbell. She lost to incumbent Barbara Boxer by 10%. In the 2016 Presidential campaign, her speaking ability and sharp criticism of Hillary Clinton made her the star of the "undercard" debate. She made headlines again when rebuking Donald Trump for insulting her face, but her lack of government experience and controversial business legacy kept voters from supporting her. Ted Cruz’s attempt to use her as a running mate for 7 days was the shortest VP Candidacy in history.
Fiorina called for Donald Trump to resign after the vulgar Access Hollywood tape was released, but she supported his inauguration. She believes that he sees women as something to be used, but also is willing to give them important jobs. She is currently leadership consultant, running Carly Fiorina Enterprises and promoting her new book.
Jim Gilmore
Jim Gilmore was a military veteran who served as Virginia’s attorney general from 1993-1997, until he was elected governor. He cut taxes and spending on everything except education. He created the Secretary of Technology position, advised the White House on weapons of mass destruction, and signed restrictions on abortion. Virginia does not allow governors to serve consecutive terms, but he did serve as chair of the Republican National Committee after leaving office in 2001. Gilmore attempted to run for president in 2008, but failed to raise funds and quickly dropped out. Instead, he was nominated as the Republican candidate for Senator by a slim margin of 66 votes and lost the general election by over 30% of the vote. In 2016, he was consistently the lowest-polling GOP candidate, often not even appearing in polls. He appeared in some debates with little impact, and he believed the media was conspiring against him.
Gilmore believed the party should unite behind Donald Trump to stop Hillary Clinton. He is now the CEO of the American Opportunity Foundation and U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum was elected it to the House of Representatives by Democratic-leaning Pittsburgh in 1991, supporting labor unions and opposing NAFTA. He won a close election to the U.S. Senate in 1994. During his two terms, he championed welfare reform and a failed amendment to NCLB act that allowed for the teaching of intelligent design and questioning evolution in school. He was in favor of strong foreign intervention in the middle east to fight radical Islamists. When John McCain opposed the use of torture against terrorists, Santorum accused McCain of not understanding enhanced interrogation. He lost his Senate race in 2006 by one of the widest margins for a sitting Senator. In his 2012 presidential campaign, he received strong conservative support in southern states, but fell short of Mitt Romney before the end of the primaries. With Mike Huckabee taking most of the early evangelical support in 2016, Santorum performed poorly in all polls, and dropped out of the race after the first caucuses.
Rick Santorum endorsed Marco Rubio, then Donald Trump. He was hired by CNN as a senior political commentator. He is a firm supporter of the President, frequently speaking out on his support for conservative causes.
George Pataki
George Pataki repeatedly defeated incumbent Democrats for New York state offices during the 1980’s. In the 1994 “Republican Revolution,” He upset longtime governor Mario Cuomo by just 3%. As a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, Pataki had broad appeal and was easily reelected to a second and third term. He worked well with Mayor Giuliani to help rebuild New York City following the September 11th attacks. After leaving office, he formed an environmental consulting firm and a temporary non-profit to support repealing Obamacare. He became a board member of the American Security Council Foundation. After considering Presidential runs in ‘08 and ‘12, he decided to run in 2016. His liberal views were not a good fit for the party, and his campaign barely reached any voters.
Pataki endorsed Rubio, then Kasich, and called on Donald Trump to resign after the Access Hollywood tape. He continues to work with the same firms as before the election and seems to be involved in New York Politics.
Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham was a member of the Air Force from 1982 to 2015, mostly serving in reserve capacity as an attorney. He was the first Republican elected to the House of Representatives from the 3rd Congressional District of South Carolina since 1877, and won several reelections with overwhelming support. He was opposed to Newt Gingrich’s leadership and Bill Clinton's impeachment. He won the 2002 Senate race when Strom Thurmond retired. He had a reputation for being moderate on issues such as environmentalism and immigration, yet he has been reelected twice, even during the Tea Party insurgence. He was a co-chairman of his friend John McCain's 2008 campaign, and Donald Trump’s 2015 comments about McCain prompted Graham to call him a “jackass.” Trump responded by giving out Graham's phone number on CNN and urging people to call it. During his presidential campaign, Senator Graham was only known for his aggressive foreign policy, and when other candidates had similar positions, he was never able to gather significant support.
Graham endorsed Bush and Cruz, finally voting for CIA officer Evan McMullin in the general election. In 2018 he derided Senate Democrats for turning Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing into an "unethical sham". He has surprised many by becoming a vocal supporter of President Trump, despite their policy disagreements. Some have suggested that his reversal is meant to prevent a conservative primary challenger. He is, unfortunately, not the host of a history podcast you should all be listening to.
Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal is a health policy expert, whose financial "genius", led him to quickly rise from Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (1993) to President of the University of Louisiana System (1999) to Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services (2001) in the Bush Administration. He lost the 2003 gubernatorial election, but won two landslide elections to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2004 and 2006. Jindal became the country’s first Indian American governor in 2008, and was viewed favorably after successfully responding to Hurricane Gustav. He gave the Republican response to Barack Obama’s first State of the Union. His popularity began to decline in his second term due to his budget cuts and refusal to raise taxes. With little support at home and poor national name recognition, Jindal’s 2016 Presidential Campaign ended after only four months, leading some to say that he should have run in 2012.
Bobby Jindal reluctantly voted for Donald Trump, which he called the second worst thing the nation could do, besides electing Hillary Clinton. He now works in global investment for Ares Management and writes columns for the Wall Street Journal that support President Trump’s policies, but push for a better Republican party in the future.
Scott Walker
In 2004, at age 36, Scott Walker became the only Republican and youngest person to be elected Milwaukee County executive. He reduced county employees by 20% and cut over $40 million in spending. After a short, unsuccessful campaign in 2006, he was elected governor in 2010. When he tried to limit collective bargaining, a recall election was held. Despite millions spent from outside sources, Walker won by an even bigger margin than the general election. He rejected federal funds for Medicaid expansion and a high-speed railway. Walker’s hardline conservative ideals initially appealed to voters in the 2016 primary, but lackluster debates and low polling numbers led him to suspend his campaign. He urged other candidates to do so as well, to unite behind a true conservative candidate like Ted Cruz that could stop Donald Trump.
Scott Walker was reluctant to support Donald Trump after his racist comments about a federal judge. He did help his friend Mike Pence, and eventually endorsed Trump. After losing the 2018 gubernatorial election, he attempted to remove powers from the incoming administration. He is now president of a conservative youth foundation and was appointed by Donald Trump to be a member of a think tank at the Smithsonian.
Rick Perry
Rick Perry was a Democrat in the Texas House of Representatives from 1984-1990, pushing for fiscal responsibility. He switched to be a Republican to defeat incumbent Jim Hightower for Agriculture Commissioner, an office that had been seen as corrupt. He supported President Clinton’s healthcare reform, and was elected to be lieutenant governor in 1999. Perry was a hardline conservative on social issues, though his position was bit more nuanced on education and immigration. Despite controversies about his donors receiving state contracts, high use of vetoes, and apparent support of secession, Perry was popular enough to win three reelections, making him the longest-serving governor of Texas. He was a frontrunner in the 2012 presidential election, but with "spectacular failures" at the debates and questions about his record on racial issues, he suspended his campaign early in the primary season. His 2016 campaign struggled with fundraising, endorsements, and polling, forcing him to be the first candidate to leave the race.
Rick Perry endorsed Ted Cruz and then Donald Trump. That summer, Perry lasted three weeks on the reality show Dancing with the Stars. In one of politics’ greatest ironies, Trump chose Perry to head the Department of Energy, which he had famously forgotten in a 2012 debate. Perry does not believe humans are causing climate change, and wants to focus on making fossil fuels cleaner. Some sources say he is planning to leave soon, a claim he has refuted.
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2019.07.09 17:02 thekangaroocourt Longform Improv 1 Class Begins Wednesday with Michael Busch (IO, UCB)

Longform Improv 1 Class Begins Wednesday with Michael Busch (IO, UCB)
This course is an introduction to long-form improvisation, based on the style developed by The iO Theater and The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. We will start with a focus on the fundamentals - agreement, listening, and support - as well as the thing that should come across in every scene: the fun. We will also get into things like establishing the reality of the scene, connecting with your scene partner, and heightening based off game/premise.

This class is designed for beginners up to those with jam or short form improv experience.
Each week we will develop your group and individual skills through scene work and exercises.

The class ends in a graduation show.
Sign-up and more info here: https://www.themichaelbusch.com/improv-1-fun-fundamentals
If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for occasional emails about classes and shows, please email michaelbuschclasses at gmail.
About the instructor:Michael Busch is a Cleveland native who has over fifteen years of professional experience in the Los Angeles comedy scene and entertainment industry as an actor, writer, director, and producer. To learn more about his work and other class offerings here in Cleveland, please visit https://www.themichaelbusch.com/
Michael Busch is a graduate of IO’s improv training program and studied improv and sketch at The Upright Citizens Brigade with founders Matt Besser and Matt Walsh, among others.
Michael Busch has acted in sketches on Human Giant, Key & Peele, and Conan; written sketches and digital series for FunnyorDie, Comedy Central, AwesomenessTV, Break, and Maker Studios; was a member of multiple house improv (Harold) teams at IO West and UCBTLA, a writeperformer on a house sketch (Maude) team at UCBTLA, and has also written/directed/produced/acted in various other shows there.
Additional television and film acting credits: The Goldbergs, Adam Ruins Everything, Glee, The Middle, Pretty Little Liars, The Ghost Whisperer, Community, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Arsenio Hall Show, Body of Proof, Hope & Randy, Franklin & Bash, Workaholics, Carpoolers, Miss March, and dozens of national commercials.
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2019.02.03 19:30 mileztog0 [M4F] Are you what I'm looking for? (Slice of life) (Discord)

Jimmy sat at his desk reading through numerous emails from his writers. It was customary for his writers to send him preliminary jokes each morning and he would whittle them down and add his own flare to them before the writers meeting around lunch time. It was normally his favorite time of day, before the madness of the day hit him full force, but today he was feeling extra jittery. Maybe it was the full rest he had gotten over the three day weekend or it could have been the three cups of coffee he had already had. Whatever it was he was having a hard time sitting still and focusing on the task at hand.
By nine o’clock he had given up and was scrolling through his Twitter feed when he heard the knock at his door and looked up to see one of his interns peek her head in. He smiled at her warmly as she quickly let him know that the new writer was there to meet him. He had honestly forgotten that they had a new writer starting today but he nodded his head anyway. “Oh yeah, right. Uhm yeah…send her in. I definitely want to meet uh…” he looked at the intern and mouthed the words “what’s her name?” to which the intern mouthed back “Casey” awkwardly. “Right. Casey, that’s exactly what I was going to say,” Jimmy continued without missing a beat.
He stood up from his desk and walked around it as Casey made her way into his office. He was wearing his pre-show attire of dark blue jeans, black Adidas sneakers, and a black short sleeve button up shirt as he walked over to shake her hand. “Hi Casey. It’s nice to meet you. So this is your first day, huh?” He moved to let her walk further into his office and gestured to the chair in front of his desk. “Go ahead and have a seat. Let’s talk for a bit.”
“Thanks Ashley, I’ve got it from here,” he said to the intern before walking back around to the back of his desk and sitting down in his chair with a plop.
He raised his eyebrows at her and leaned forward towards the desk, clasping his hands in front of him. “So…I’ve heard some good things about you. You wrote for ‘Drunk History’, is that right? I love that show. It’s great. It’s where I get most of my historical knowledge from so I hope to god it’s accurate.”

I recently lost my partner for this plot idea and I really miss writing this character. Hopefully I can find someone who would also be interested. I want to play Jimmy Kimmel slightly AU (lowered age & single) against whatever character you choose. It could be someone he works with, another celebrity, or just someone he meets through a mutual friend that has nothing to do with the show. I know celebrity rp's are a little weird for some people but think of it this way. He's rich and can spoil her, taking her on lavish vacations, he's a down to earth really nice guy who does a lot for charities, and he's funny and sarcastic. I included the sample of my writing so you can see my style. I'm looking for someone who can match it in style and detail. I am looking for someone preferably 21+ but 18+ is a must. We can talk more about it if this interests you at all. Please send me a private message rather than commenting on this post.

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2019.01.30 21:19 mileztog0 [M4A] Office romance (celebrity) (discord)

There are lots of reasons why roleplay partners don't work out. But when you find that one person you click with it's the best, isn't it? I'm looking for someone 21+ and preferably likes to chat OOC about our roleplay among other things, although that part is not a must. I use Discord for writing and I also write in 3rd person past tense and would prefer you do the same so that our styles match and everything flows better. I'm literate and tend to send at least 3 paragraph replies. Your gender does not matter to me but you would need to play a female for the story.

I've had trouble with ghosting a lot recently. I'm laid back and I will not get mad if you tell me it's not working out for you, for any reason. Just please don't ghost me and I'll do the same for you.

This may not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm searching for that one person who will dive right into this with me:
I would like to play the part of a popular late night talk show host (Jimmy Kimmel with minor changes - lowered age and single). Your character does not have to be a celebrity and would probably be better if they weren't. The idea of running a late night talk show intrigues me. I have a lot of ideas to make this really fun and can hopefully make it long-term. We can discuss that later though if this interests you. I also want to hear your ideas. Just send me a message and we can go from there.
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2019.01.16 04:27 Landi_Orlando52 2018: The Year of "Spidermania"

Hi, this is my first post on Reddit, and I'd like to mark this occasion by discussing a superhero that's has now become my personal favorite, Spider-Man. Specifically, I want to discuss how 2018 was a truly big year for him, and here's my top 10 reasons why:

  1. Spider-Man PS4: This game was the Spider-Man we've always wanted. It broke many records in sales and is now beloved by both critics and fans alike. It even set up a new shared video-game universe for other Marvel superheroes. I've played through this game only once, but it is now one of my favorite video games ever. Not only is the open-world, action-packed gameplay very entertaining, but the story and characters are some of the best I've ever seen in a video game. This game has probably the best interpretation of not only the hero himself, but all the characters in Spider-Man's world (ex: Mary Jane, Miles Morales, Dr. Octopus, etc.). This game also brought greater attention to the relatively new villain, Mr. Negative, and his cult of superpowered triads, the Inner Demons. We even got a DLC pack that began its release month after the game's that showed Spider-Man fighting against the villain Hammerhead with Black Cat, Yuri Watanabe, and Silver Sable. I personally can't wait for the sequel and to hopefully fight the Green Goblin and Venom in Spidey's alien costume.

  1. Avengers: Infinity War: While this movie didn't center around the wall-crawler himself, it did place him in one of the greatest conflicts in the MCU with him officially becoming an Avenger. It was so exciting to see Spider-Man don the Iron Spider suit that he turned down in Homecoming and to fight against Thanos with Iron Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Doctor Strange. This movie made billions of dollars in the box-office, gained much critical acclaim, and has been enthusiastically adored by fans. While it did end with Peter being wiped out by Thanos's "decimating" snap, he went out in probably one of the most heartbreaking death scenes in any superhero movie. I certainly can't wait for Endgame and for Spider-Man to come back to life. You aren't fooling anyone Marvel!

  1. Into the Spider-Verse: I was amazed by how great this film was. This film progressively brought Spider-People of different races and genders, into the spotlight with the cinematic debut of Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Peni Parker. Even Spider-Ham had a role in the film for some reason, but hey, I'm not complaining with him, especially when he's voiced by the hilarious John Mulaney. The film grossed over $300 million at the box-office and was praised by critics for basically everything about it, to its spectacular comic book-style animation, it's well-portrayed characters, and catchy soundtrack. There's even a sequel and spin-off for Spider-Gwen in development.

  1. Venom: This film marked the beginning of Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters. While this movie was mostly panned by critics, Venom was a commercial success and a hit among fans, and Tom Hardy's dual performance of Eddie Brock and Venom was wonderful. The film already has a sequel in the works, and there are other films being made for the shared universe that focus on characters like Morbius the Living Vampire, Black Cat, Silver Sable, Kraven the Hunter, and there are intentions to have the Lethal Protector crossover with Spider-Man himself. All in all, this can set-up many of these characters teaming up in a Maximum Carnage-type film. Even though this new cinematic universe may be hit-or-miss opportunity, I look forward to seeing Venom face off against Woody Harrelson's Carnage and hopefully Spider-Man himself.

  1. The Deaths of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko: While many of the previous items on the list were relatively good, this one is a truly sad one, as Spider-Man creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko both died in 2018, and fans were left heartbroken. If it weren't for these two legendary comic book writers, we wouldn't have seen the creation of one the greatest superheroes in all of comic books. Rest in peace, you two.

  1. Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5.: After the blasphemy that was the "One More Day" story arc, Peter and Mary Jane ended up separated for quite some time now thanks to the retconning powers of Marvel devil, Mephisto. But after about ten years of waiting, the two got back together in the first issue of the new volume Amazing Spider-Man, reuniting one of the greatest superhero comic couples of all time.

7: Amazing Spider-Man #800: Marvel Comics marked the ending of both the "Go Down Swinging" storyline and writer Dan Slott's run with the wall-crawler. This storyline as a whole saw Spider-Man facing off against the Red Goblin, a deadly fusion of the Green Goblin and the Carnage symbiote. This story had some unexpected turns, because not only did Peter have to resort to merging with the Venom symbiote and regain his black alien costume in order to defeat the Goblin, it also ended with the heartfelt death of Peter's bully-turned-friend/partner Flash Thompson.

  1. The End of The Spectacular-Spider Man: Personally, I haven't really gotten into the Spectacular Spider-Man series, but it's always sad to see a line of good comics end. Hopefully, I'll take the time to read some of the comics in this series.

  1. Miles Morales Gets a New Solo Series: Honestly, I just found out about this when I was researching Spider-Man for this post, but it's good to see Miles get a new series as Spider-Man, especially one that reportedly "brings him back to his roots in Brooklyn."

  1. Hint at Far From Home: In 2018, we got information about Spider-Man Far From Home, with the introduction of the logo and Tom Holland's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with his new suit for the film. After seeing the trailer that came out today and Mysterio's first cinematic appearance thanks to Jake Gyllenhal, I can't wait to see this film in July.

If there's anything about Spider-Man's year that I missed in my list that you wanted to see. Please let me know in the Comments section. Thank you!

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